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The role of the Internet and computer technology in human life

Do you use the Internet on your computer or phone? We think so. However, do you know about its impact on your life? The article analyzes the problem of the influence of computer technologies on the personality, the positive and negative psychological consequences of computerization for its development.

Nowadays, the influence of computer technology and the Internet on the individual person and society as a whole is constantly increasing. This is due to the growth of the information flow, which requires the processing of large volumes of information, mostly in a very short time, which caused the appearance of the computer.


The Internet has both positive and negative sides

Nowadays, the Internet is an integral part of our lives. And it has positive sides.

  • One of the positive aspects of the Internet is that the Internet is the largest library in the world. You can find here abstracts or punctuate a movie title and find information on any topic from weather and latest news to scientific works and important discoveries.
  • The second positive side of the Internet is the chat. This is a pretty good way of communicating because you can simultaneously communicate with many people, get acquainted and learn a lot of interesting things.
  • It is also very convenient and useful, especially for busy and business people, there is an Internet mail. It allows us to forward and receive letters from different parts of the world in a matter of seconds, whereas by regular mail it can take a week or even more. In addition, it is almost free and does not require much time.
  • Another positive side of the Internet is the advertising and stores. Here you can find any products that you are interested in, see the price, stores where this product is sold and other information you want to buy.

And what about the negative sides?

  • One of the negative features of the Internet is viruses. You can bring the virus to your computer by opening a message that contains a virus, or simply downloading a text file. Therefore, you need to install antivirus systems or just be careful with the sheets.
  • Another negative side of the Internet is virtual games. In general, computerization conceals a certain danger in the case of improper and illiterate use. Therefore, there is a danger that in a virtual reality a person may lose orientation in the world, cease to understand what is real and what is illusory. In our time, this is not yet spoken about on a large scale, since the virtual reality has not yet gained such a spread, but scientists in the world are already conducting research on personnel changes under the influence of information technology.

The impact of computerization on human existence

The computerization of human society radically changed the conditions for its existence. Computerization, which is becoming increasingly widespread, affects the interests, views, persuasion of the younger generation. In this connection, the interest of young people in computer learning, the special study of computer science, information technology, as well as other areas related to computer technology is growing.

The selection of young people in specialties related to information technologies leads to the idea that they have certain abilities, features of character, individual psychological peculiarities that predetermined a conscious choice of their future profession.

The essence of the impact of information technology on people is ambiguous: on the one hand, the undoubted advantages that bring the computer into our lives, and on the other – there are many side effects of computerization, which are related to other spheres of human life.

The problem of computer impact on a person interested in many researchers, but in our time it remains relevant. For most people, especially the older generation, it’s not entirely clear how computers work, and the younger generation has not only become accustomed to it, it lives in it. Young people perceive this.

Computer virtual world for some people looks incomprehensible, blurred, and obscure, as integral, clear, defined. Therefore, the modern young generation perceives some information more quickly.

At the present stage of development of a society saturated with information and computer technologies, the following problems are the priorities:

  1. a) Creation, dissemination and substantiation of the introduction of modern digital educational resources into the educational process;
  2. b) Providing educational information with the attraction of funds;
  3. c) Making feedback on the user with interaction;
  4. d) Control over the results of training and promotion in education;
  5. e) Automation of the processes of information and methodological support of the educational process.

So, in conclusions, the influence of information technologies on the development of personality is ambiguous: on the one hand, computer technologies affecting the psyche of human beings accelerate the development of mental processes and the formation of some positive personal qualities, such as business orientation, accuracy.

On the other hand – in the long-term interaction with the computer formed a certain specificity of mental processes, which can lead to the emergence of stereotypes, difficulties in communication, the complication of interpersonal relationships.

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