Can Just Opening an Email Give You A Virus? How To Scan An Email For Viruses

Viruses included with emails are real; however, devices are now secured and won’t easily be infected when you open your emails nowadays. Opening an email is safe, but clicking through attachments and links can pose a real danger. 

With previous security issues that affect tons of business and private sectors resulting from tons of damages, continuous innovation has paved the way to enhance security. Now, opening an email won’t get your device infected, but there are a few things you need to reconsider.  

Can Your Device Get Infected When You Open An Email?

Computer viruses are software that runs into the system or device files of your PCs, routers, and other devices. It later duplicates itself and runs into your system. Several viruses won’t affect the device functionality, while others can damage your data or permanently destroy files. 

Before, viruses spread through portable media and floppy disks shared by many. As innovation and technology become smarter, so thus viruses and its nature. Now viruses are everywhere, and opening links from your emails can be a good source. 


Today, viruses require immediate action on the user’s end to activate itself. It can be into a form of downloadable application from your recently opened email with an embedded link inside. As for your Apple computer, it has an effective antivirus program to secure all files, information, and data from harmful viruses. There are several recommended software to leverage your protection against common threats. 

Trojan Horse

This type of computer virus hides into computer programs and other potentially damaging software. The trojan horse is a software that purports into doing a specific action, but the truth is it’s running a malicious program into your device. It can be part of the free software you download or embedded in some emails.


A worm virus spreads into your device without any required action. Worms jump from one device to another while taking enough memory or network’s data transfer (bandwidth). Worms can permanently damage your device and refrain from functioning. Worms enable hackers to access your device remotely.

Viruses like worms and trojan horses activate if you open emails with embedded links or click through attachments inside the message. If you allow email scripting, you’ll have a higher risk of getting a virus when you open emails. 

The most effective way to avoid getting infected is to limit HTML availability from email settings. Keep your emails simple and secured by viewing them in simple text. 

How To Effectively Scan Your Emails from Viruses

Scanning emails to filter which one is safe and have malicious or damaging content is vital, not just with your privacy but also your device safety and data security. Several users get their device infected with a detrimental virus by clicking new materials, embedded links, and attachments. 

In case you received an email with a file or attachment included in the message, best to double-check with the sender first of the potential risk or safety of the embedded link or file. Receiving messages from unknown senders with attachments should be deleted immediately. 

Here’s how you can secure the safety of your device or prevent any potential threats

  • Always install software, antivirus, or applications recommended for your device and are coming from a reliable dealer. 
  • Ensure to update your software regularly. 
  • Scan your device from any potential threats and viruses frequently. 
  • Install a scanner that runs, analyzes, and configures whenever you start or use your tools. 
  • A virus scanner can secure and ensure receive or downloaded files are safe. 
  • Whether you are receiving files or sharing files with groups of people or individuals online, be cautious of files, links, or attachments people send online.
  • Regularly back up any data, files, documents, or emails on a disc to prevent file loss from potential threats and viruses.


Proper precaution, updated security features, and software that add protection to all your actions online are vital. While opening an email won’t expose you to various threats and viruses, it’s best to stay safe than sorry. Consider adding a few levels of protection by using extra security tools. 

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