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7 Secrets to Success with Google Ads

Google Ads is a great platform that you can use to grow your business. Primarily, Google Ads lets you reach the right people when looking for your services or product. When users are actively searching for keywords related to your content, product, or services, you can be right there.

Some people can find it hard to make their campaign scale and become profitable. So, what should you do? Today, this blog will be walking you through seven Google Ads secrets that will make your campaign successful. 

Re-target your Audience

The click-through rate for remarketing, on average, is ten times higher than traditional advertising? Not only is the remarketing aspect important, but adding detailed targeting to remarketing efforts makes it all the better in terms of spend and conversions.

Google Gravity

Therefore, set up campaigns for people who have already been to your site more than once. When you use this strategy, that means that audience is already interested in your product or services. So, when you target them, they already know you. They’re much more likely to convert. 

Utilize a Longtail Keyword Strategy

Generalized keywords are extremely competitive because everyday marketers want to go after them since they have a high search volume. However, they don’t always drive the highest quality of traffic. So, longtail keywords can give you a slight advantage over the competition and make you more money in the long run. 

For instance, if your keyword is “diet plan,” and it has an SEO difficulty over 50 and a paid difficulty over 70, with a cost per click of $4.35. Then, the keyword volume is roughly 40,500 searches per month.

However, if your keyword is “diet plan that’s low carb” with a SEO difficulty under 20 and a paid difficulty lower than 40, with a cost per click of $1.58. The keyword volume is only 12,200 searches per month, but when someone is looking for a specific diet plan, they’re much more likely to convert. 

You probably think “diet plan” has a higher search volume, so you will want to go after that search term. However, you’re going to find a lot of irrelevant clicks that don’t convert vs. going more specific. 


Exclusions are perfect for targeting audiences that are more likely to convert. So, let’s say that your audience doesn’t fall into a category with high-income people. You can exclude people with higher incomes. There are numerous targeting elements when it comes to Google Ads. This allows you to spend your money with people who are more likely to convert into a customer. 

Test Different Locations

Create audiences based on location is one of the easiest ways to create a segment. A vast majority of people use default settings, but this a huge mistake. You can target your location in an ad campaign using two factors: 

  • Location-Based Keyword
  • Geotarget a Radius

It’s important to play around with all of them to see if you can generate the most sales. When you do that, you will weed out many people who were never the right customer for you in the first place. 


Extensions are a guaranteed way to get more clicks because they take up more real estate on the SERP pages. There are numerous ways you can add extensions to your site. You can add more information about specific pages or list things such as products, prices, sales, and phone numbers. 

Implement UTM Tracking

Tracking campaigns and their performance is essential to running an ad campaign strategy. If you’re not tracking the performance, how do you know what’s working or not working? Using UTM codes is a great and easy way to see how your ads are doing. Using Google’s URL builder tool, you can create UTM codes in less than 30 seconds. You can also track your performance through Google Analytics. 

Run Ads on your Competitor Keywords

This is one of the most straightforward and practical ways that you can see an ROI. Using tools such as Ubersuggests, you can see all the keywords your competitors are ranking for and getting for. 

In Summary

Running your own Google Ads can be confusing and overwhelming at first. With that said, these seven secrets can help you hit the ground running and convert your ads into sales. If you need the help of a digital marketing agency with your Google Ads, contact the professionals at Get The Clicks. Our skilled full-service digital marketing agency can help you with all your SEO services.

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