How to Secure Your Laptop in 6 Easy Steps

Today a computer has become an essential part of our lives. It is silly to think about to live without a laptop or computer at this age. We almost use 60% laptop in our routine life. It holds our information, pictures, and also business data. No one can afford the risk of losing his/her computer.

Laptop security is very important to protect personal information and data. Sometimes you are bound to leave your laptop unattended at that time you need to secure your device to avoid any mishap. Internet is another reason to secure your computer. It is almost active all the time on your laptop. So it is a good idea to protect the device from any personal information leakage or data theft.

Protect Your Computer with Password

Ensure that you have protected your computer with a strong password. It doesn’t allow anyone to enter in your privacy without your permission. The machine should be configured that the password has to be entered every single time when you turn on your laptop.

Your laptop password is the first line of defense. It should be more strong and difficult that no one except you judges your password. It should not base on numbers like 1122, or 123456. These passwords are easy to guess.

Encrypt the Hard Drive

If you want to secure your computer, the password is not enough. If your laptop is stolen then an attacker can remove the hard drive and get your data easily. To prevent this and secure your information you can encrypt your hard disk.


Install Anti-virus and Update Your Device

Installing an antivirus is another step to protect against malware. Today numbers of options are available which help you to protect your system. Microsoft also offers its protection system.

Another option is to keep your software up-to-date and doesn’t download random things.

Hide Your Private Folders

If you want to tuck your folders from prying eyes, then it is a good idea to hide your private files. Sometimes people don’t know how to protect or how to find hidden library folder on mac. You can take an online guide if you’re unable to use this feature.

This feature does not show your library folder all the time. You can only access it when you need it.

Download From Reliable Sources

Try to download things only from trusted sources. Some download sites look quite safe, but the criminals can deceive you. They can insert ransomware and malware. These will run in the background, and you’ll be not able to catch these attacks. They can steal your personal information, data, pictures, and whatever they want.  So always trust reliable sources.

Back Up

It is an easy way to get back your data if you’ve lost your laptop. Backing up your data ensures you that after losing your device, you’ll be still able to gain your data. You can go for cloud backup or local backups. The choice is all yours.

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