Sendpulse Review – Send Bulk SMS, Emails & Push Notifications

Online marketing involves a lot of communication – especially, online communication. And when it comes to online marketing, the first thing that would come to your mind should be Email Marketing.

However, in a changed scenario that the online marketers are forced work in these days – Email alone may not be a feasible option, not even SMS. How about a service that offers a combination of all the possible communication channels? SendPulse is one such service that offers you an inexpensive, yet powerful communication option.

What Is SendPulse?

As you might have already understood from the synopsis to this review, SendPulse is a messaging platform that would help you communicate with your client base. It works almost on all devices and provides the communication through multiple channels – SMS notifications, browser notifications, SMTP and emails – to name just a few.

Sendpulse Review

In fact, it caters essentially to three modes of campaign – Email, SMS and web push notifications. What makes it the best option in comparison to the other competitors is its affordable pricing plans. What’s more – they also have a free plan if you just starting off online marketing.

Some Salient Features that make it a Great Option

What would make SendPulse a good option for your online marketing needs?  Well, it does offer you quite a few exciting features. Let us go through a few of them here.

  • Artificial Intelligence – SendPulse excels with its artificial intelligence model to maximise the email open rate. It is said to increase the email open rate by 30 percent. How does work? AI learns from the user behavior and thus maximises the open rate for your email messages.
  • An Integrated Platform – SendPulse works as an integrated platform that works across three channels of Email, SMS and Web Push. In fact, this three-way communication will lead to a better customer reach. You can choose any combination of these channels or choose to use them individually.
  • High-end Layouts and Responsiveness – The service has a wider gallery of layouts that responsive and user-friendly. The built-in designs will help you save time that would otherwise have been wasted in creating a template.
  • Automated Emails – There are different formats you can use to send the emails automatically. You can use your own triggers to send emails based on the user actions.
  • Practical Web Push Notifications – Web push notifications are a way to bring back your customers to your site. You can configure SendPulse to send push notifications on a topic of your choice. These can be invitations, special offers, a link, news or even order status information. The notifications are 100 percent free and unlimited in your plan.
  • Bulk SMS – SendPulse can send the SMS messaging in an outstanding bulk rate. The service can send over 200 to 500 messages in one second. The messages can even be personalized if you wish to.

Plans and Pricing

SendPulse offers you several options when it comes to pricing its plans. You can choose the one that meets your business size and the customer base you want to reach up to.

Free Plan

The Email Service is offered for free if your customer base is less than 2500. With your free plan, you would be able to send up to 15000 emails per month.

There are multiple paid subscription plans that are available from SendPulse. You can choose the one that best suits you.

  • Monthly Subscription – You can choose the plan according to the number of your subscribers. If you have 2500 subscribers, you would pay $ 9.85. The pricing will change according to the number of the subscribers you want to communicate with.
  • Pay As You Go PlanThis plan would be helpful for those who do not send too many emails. The payment will be based on the number of emails you send. The pricing starts at $ 32 for 10,000 emails sent.
  • VIP PlanThis plan will be applicable to high performers. If your subscriber base goes above  1 million, you would need a regular mailing plan. You can contact the SendPulse customer care for an affordable and effective plan that would suit your needs. SendPulse offers you customised plans.

SMTP Service

The SMTP service has two plans you can choose. The first 12000 emails will be free under any plan.

  • Monthly Subscription –  If you are someone who sends regular emails, you can check out the monthly subscription plan. The plans start at $ 8.85 for 2500 emails.
  • Pay As You GoThe plan would be suitable for you if you do not send too many emails. Pay for only those messages that you send. The plan starts at $ 15 for 10000 messages.

Apart from this, SendPulse also offers Web Push Notification service. However, there are no subscription charges associated with push notifications. Send them to all your visitors for free.

Should I Opt for It?

Well. Yes – we would recommend it if you are using the multiple channels for customer engagement. Instead of going for the individual service providers, why not opt for one that delivers and integrates the multiple services together?

It is quite easy to configure and use. You do not need to be an expert to use it. Just create an account and you are good to go. Ability to send free web push notifications works as an added advantage.

Wrap Up

Is it better than the established players like MailChimp? Well, we would definitely think so. The reason is straightforward. It offers you an integrated platform that works across three different channels. You would not need to subscribe to three different services for email marketing, SMS marketing, and web push.

Then, the subscriptions plans tend to be quite affordable when compared to the established players. It can be the best choice for the small or the medium-sized business – we would definitely recommend you check out the functionality and pricing of SendPulse.

Check it out one and we promise you will not look elsewhere – if you want an integrated approach to your online marketing communication. You can subscribe to the free plan first and check the features out. Do share your views once you use it.

SendPulse Review
we would recommend it if you are using the multiple channels for customer engagement. Instead of going for the individual service providers, why not opt for one that delivers and integrates the multiple services together
All in One tool
Free Plan is available
Use of AI
API Can't use Email Builder emails in the SMTP email interface
We can´t configure a page after submitting the form, in exchange for displaying a message
Out of 10

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