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How to Speed Up Android Phone ( DIY Steps )

Got a new shiny android phone this year? Oy maybe you’re using it for a long while! But the fact is our android devices won’t get any younger with time (just like us). Eventually, they’ll get old too! The first few weeks of using a new gadget are no less than the honeymoon period. But as time passes our devices tend to wear out due to prolonged usage.

And why not? We use our android devices to perform almost all our routine tasks—from sending an email to booking movie tickets. So are you even experiencing any wear outs in your device’s performance lately?

5 Tips to Boost Speed of Your Android Phone

Well, not anymore as we’re here to alleviate your pain. Here are a few tips to boost your android phone’s performance within no time.

5 Tips To Speed Up Android Smartphones

Disable Unnecessary apps

Our smartphones are cluttered with dozens of apps. As most of us have a habit of downloading tons of applications in a whim and then gradually we forget about them. We only hang around and use like about 4-5 fix applications in the day and the rest of them keep dangling around, occupying chunks of storage space of our device.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye! Open up your app list and uninstall all those applications which you haven’t used in a while.

P.S. Don’t get emotional! You can always download it back from play store whenever you want.

Get rid of Cache data

Cache data acts like a hidden culprit who eats up a lot of sto without your conscience. It gets build up and become pretty heavy on your smartphone’s internal storage each time we visit a website or surf on the internet. Sometimes, cached data can be buggy and cause apps to misbehave — especially when it’s woefully out of date.

So if you want to boost your android’s performance go to settings, open individual app settings and delete all cache data—without a fear!

Manage Your Device’s Storage

Just like how we clean our home daily and make it peaceful for a living, in the same way, our android devices too crave for such treatment. So be a brave heart and say bye-bye to all the unnecessary data on your device.

Delete all the duplicate pictures, music and video files. There’s no reason they should be taking up storage space, right?

Shut down Active Widgets

No wonder widgets are cool. But they slow down your devices too! Try to limit your widget usage as much as possible and disable the ones which are un-required

The Last Resort—Factory Reset

If everything else fails, here comes the factory reset in the picture. Factory resetting makes everything go away and returns your phone to the same condition it was when you first opened the box. No matter how time taking utterly boring it is but, after all, it is anyway cheaper than buying a new device. Isn’t it?

So if you happen to know any other hacks don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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