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Spotify Alternatives – Apps like Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there. An impressive UI & pitch-perfect suggestions on music make it an addictive app pitching its counterparts.

Though there are ample advantages & things which work for Spotify, it got a few drawbacks. The pricing point might not work for everyone or maybe the limit of albums might be another option. So regardless of drawbacks, it still stands as #1 music streaming app but here in this post, we look out at possible alternatives to Spotify / Apps like Spotify to try for which cover those drawbacks.

3 Best Alternatives to Spotify

Here we go with 3 best Spotify alternatives, do try them.

Spotify Alternatives

Apple Music

When you talk about mobile / Laptop tech, Apple is a name that you can’t miss. Just like that Apple Music with over 50 million songs will be the topmost priority to try out for.

If you are in the iOS ecosystem then Apple music must be the default app for music streaming with features like recommendations, live local radio stations all over the world, curated playlist, etc.

A 3 months trial is also available to test it out on your Android & iOS devices.

  • Curated playlists & recommendations
  • AAC Audio format
  • 50 Million songs with access across you devices
  • You can get the best experience in iOS devices only
  • Less social media integration when compared to others

YouTube Music

The number one video-sharing platform, YouTube launched its own music streaming app. The interface is similar to YouTube & also it plays video, the good thing about YT music is the access to YouTube originals & also you can get all the albums of the artists on YouTube first rather than any other app out there.

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There is a free version with ads though it’s good, it works just like a normal YouTube App, you can’t play the music in the background which is the basic requirement in a streaming app.

So you need to for a premium version of the app for background playing, offline downloads & other options. The premium version works perfect & got various options to try out for. It’s relatively new in the market & you can expect a lot from this.

  • Free version with Ads available
  • UI similar to YouTube
  • All the YouTube videos will be available
  • Background streaming available only for premium users
  • Recommendations are not on point

Amazon Music Unlimited/ Prime Music

This is one of my fav music streaming app & am using it for the past few months. The main reason to shift to Amazon music is the availability of new songs & moreover, it’s absolutely free for Prime users.

If you got an Amazon Prime subscription then you can use the premium version of Amazon music for free. I am a prime member from 2017 because of the faster delivery & Prime video, & prime music is one such added advantage of Prime subscription.

There is a difference between Prime Music & Amazon Music unlimited. Amazon Music Unlimited is an exclusive music streaming app which you need to purchase a subscription for it separately. Prime music is just an add on for Amazon prime users. Though music unlimited got more collection of songs, prime music also does a decent job.

  • Value for the buck with Prime subscription
  • Faster availability of new songs
  • Music unlimited is dope for Echo users
  • Pricing might be costly for non-prime users

Spotify Indian Alternatives

The thing about the Indian market is there are various regional languages & there is a huge collection of songs from the movie where a single movie consists of 4-6 songs, unlike Hollywood movies.

So the big players like Spotify, Apple Music lacks the regional collection which other apps are providing. Let’s check out the apps like Spotify for Indian users.

Gaana Plus

Gaana is one of my favorite apps & used for more than 2 years now. For a price of Rs 399 per year ( Rs 149 per year for students ), this is a steal deal where Spotify & Apple music is charging around Rs 100 per month.

One of the main things I liked in Gaana is the availability of OST ( Original Sound Track ) for movies that aren’t available in other apps. ( Spotify got few OST but the collection of Gaana OST is huge ).

The offline download feature & the smart download options are good, the recommendations were never that accurate & interface is good when compared to it’s an earlier version.

They also have a free version with ads.

  • Availability of regional songs & OST
  • Rs 399 per year
  • Gaana originals
  • Live commentary for cricket
  • Buggy at times
  • Too many Notifications

Amazon Music

Amazon music which is a free add-on for Amazon Prime subscription is a good alternative. One of the best things about Prime music is the availability of new songs, the songs which are released in the movie will be available in prime music faster than Gaana & Spotify where you need to wait for a bit longer.

Amazon Music also got a desktop app & web player along with the app which is quite impressive.

With a Prime subscription at 999 per year along with faster delivery & Prime Video, Amazon Music just makes the subscription even more worthy for the buck.

  • Free with Prime subscription
  • Faster availability of songs
  • Regional songs collection
  • Desktop app available
  • Offline & cloud download
  • No free version
  • Relatively lesser collection

Notable Mentions

Though nothing can close to Spotify other than Gaana the other apps are worth a try. Do check them out before subscribing.

  • Jio Saavn
  • Wynk

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