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Systweak Android Cleaner App : An Advance Tool to Clean Your Device

Android Cleaner Apps !! The android devices are undivided part of a life for its users. They spend considerable time on this device every day. Other than staying in connected via calls and chats these devices offers a variety of other services too. These services include listening to music, clicking pictures, using email accounts, using other important apps etc.

We can say it offers ease of doing business to its users vis-à-vis daily routine works. Hence offering variety and range of services Android devices has certain limitations too. These limitations include performance and speed related issues. Due to extended use of the device it generates cluttered and unorganized data on the device. It eventually affects the performance of the device.

Systweak Android Cleaner App Review

To deal with the situation Android Cleaner Apps proves to be the best choice. The vital role of Android cleaner has to be to clean the android device for better performance. It includes functions like organizing data and making it decluttered for that sense.If you are worried about the firefox loading time, then here are the tips to speed up firefox.Systweak Android Cleaner App

Features of Systweak Android Cleaner App

For the said reasons Systweak Android Cleaner offers additional features like Game Speedup, Battery Saver, and others, which makes it a complete package. We can elaborate the functions and features of this amazing app here.

Junk files: It displays all the junk files on your device. It scans results under various heads like Cache, Temporary files,APK files, Unused folder. It also displays largest files on your device which are occupying a lot of storage space on your device. To delete all these junk files, you can simply click on “Clean Now” button.

Game SpeedUp: You can use this feature to turn your mobile device into a dedicated gaming platform. Here you need to enlist game first. After enlisting game/s to the list, once you will launch the game it will clear the RAM to provide more space on the device to play the game. Using this feature you can play your favorite games with seamless speed. If you are bored of games, then try out these best strategy games for android.

Game Speed Up
File Explorer: It scans all files on your device including an external memory and displays all file categories. It displays results in different file categories according to their attributes like Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents files. It also displays various media files, Big files and downloaded files from scanning results. You can simply select the file folder from which you want to delete files or you can take the backup of the files before deleting them. To take the backup of the files you need to click on “Backup Now” button.

App Manager: App Manager displays all the apps available on your device and space occupied by them. You can use the “Archive” option to keep the file for future reference. App retains installation file of the archived file so that it can be retrieved again in future. You can click on “Uninstall” button to uninstall the file to make some storage space on your device.

Phone Boost: Using this feature you can clear the RAM instantly. Once you hit on the “Phone Boost” option it instantly clears the RAM by killing all unnecessary programs running in the background of your device. Better availability of RAM means better speed and performance of the device.

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Battery Saver: This app not only works as an android cleaner but it offers services of battery saver as well. It displays all the battery related details like temperature, voltage, Technology it uses, charge percentage. It displays all those functions and services as well which are absorbing your device’s battery. Once you click on TURN BATTERY SAVER ON it stops all battery absorbing functions and services to help you increase your device’s battery life.

Cloud Backup: You can use this feature to save your device data instantly on cloud servers. You can restore or access this data anytime and anywhere you want.

Notification: You can keep notification “ON” to get all updates related to the app.

Auto Cleaning: You can set auto cleaning time for your device. This way the app will clean your device’s RAM on a regular interval.

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Ignore list: You can put any app in “Ignore List” to keep it away from scanning.

Language: You can select your preferred language from the list of 14 languages to use the app. This multi-language option enables users around the world to use this app easily.

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This amazing app offers all latest features and additional services to its users. With all diverse features and functions, this app definitely offers a full package of android cleaning services. Features like battery saver and game speed up are the extensions of this useful app. This is one of the best Android Cleaner apps to clean your junk files.

You can use multiple useful features of this app to improve speed and performance of your device. This app gives you an insight of whole the data on your device which enables you to manage your data well. Knowing all useful and effective features of this app this is strongly recommended for android users.

Systweak Cleaner App Review
This fantabulous app offers all latest features and additional services to its users to speed up their Android smartphones. With all diverse features and functions, this app definitely offers a full package of android cleaning services, it's one of the recommended app to have a place in your Beast.
Plenty of features
With File Explorer & Battery Saver options
Simple & Smooth Interface to work on
Few bugs
Out of 10

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