The Best Solution for Sending Fax on Your Phone

First, let us know:

  1. Do you want some upgradation in your traditional faxing work as it might be time-consuming and putting a burden upon you?
  2. Not having enough resources to buy a fax machine but still want some solution for your business work?
  3. Want a handy and quick solution for sending a fax that might be portable as well so that faxing can be done anywhere?

These are some of the concerns seen around the world. And we all have almost faced it in our lives or maybe still facing it. But now there is an end to these all concerns and problems as the solution has arrived. 

Today we will present before you The Best Solution for Sending Fax on Your Phone. Just stay with us and get to know about this solution.

Read on to learn about it or check how to fax on your phone through this video quickly:


CocoFax is the solution to all your problems regarding faxing. It is a tool that you can rely upon blindly as it is highly dependable. It has a number of features to entertain the needs of all the users.

Nobody can deny the ease and comfort with which CocoFax comes along with. It not only allows the users to send and receive fax but a lot more. The user can get a free trial before buying the subscription package to enlighten himself about its services and how it works.

cocofax homepage

CocoFax has top-class security and safety measures for its customers. It is also compliant with leady security standards to ensure that the faxes of customers are protected, and no one can see them. You can also visit the homepage of Cocofax and learn more about this incredible service. 

Though it has a variety of features, we have listed a few of them to make our readers known about them:

Available on all devices

CocoFax is available for any device which can be connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter. It is android, IOS, PC, Tablet, Windows, Blackberry. You can eventually use this service on any of the electronic devices you have. 

For the ease of our readers, we are also attaching a link on which they can watch how to send faxes via phone.

International Faxing

CocoFax even allows international faxing. The user can fax anyone around the world. It is currently providing its versatile services in 180 countries. You can fax anyone over those 180 countries without any issue.

Delivery Reports

You don’t have too long about whether your fax is delivered or not. As soon as your fax is delivered, you will receive a delivery report. Isn’t it an excellent thing? You won’t have to stick to the screen to check the delivery status. You will simply receive your report.   

Safe and Secure 

CocoFax is incredibly safe and secure to be used. It makes sure that the privacy of its users is never invaded, and they always feel a sense of security while using this application. Also, no third party can ever access your personal data, only the user can eye on his data. 

Easy to use

CocoFax is a really convenient and easy-to-use service. Anyone with the essential know-how can use it without any problem. Also, the users can follow up the instructions to make their experience more pleasant. All the instructions are understandable so that anyone can understand them with no technical knowledge required.

Fax Covers

CocoFax has a range of fax covers on their homepage, all prepared by keeping in mind the needs of modern business needs. You can pick the fax cover you think is reliable for your work. 

Once you have CocoFax, there is no compelling reason to look around for any other services as it is the one you need and will cover all your faxing needs.

Faxing Search

CocoFax has a feature by which the user can easily search fax among thousands of faxes by just entering a mere keyword. This will save the user from the hassle of finding a particular fax, and also via it, the precious time of the user will be saved.

How to send fax via CocoFax on your phone 

To send a fax via CocoFax on your phone is way easier than it appears.


Download the application on your device and make your account at the official site of CocoFax. And avail of the free trial. Make sure you are using your official email address while making an account. After creating an account, choose your fax number, which is allotted for free.


Select the method you are willing to send a fax. Then in the ‘To’ field, add the fax of the person you’re willing to send a fax to. A cover letter can also be created for your fax in the body field, and you can also attach the document you need to fax


When you are done with all the steps, press the ‘send’ button, and CocoFax will deliver your fax, and you will shortly be informed about your fax status via delivery report.


It is the number one online faxing service on a business and individual level. The rating is based upon 200+ reviews from 5 independent platforms and software. What else are you looking for?

Money-back Guarantee

CocoFax gives a money-back guarantee of up to 30 days. This means the user can withdraw his amount which he has paid for the subscription. The user should go through the company’s policy to learn whether he is eligible for the withdrawal or not.

Subscription Packages

CocoFax has packages to cover everyone. The packages range from Lite to enterprise. However, there is a difference in pricing according to the features and pages provided. A person can choose any of them. Also, they are providing the facility of billing on a monthly or yearly basis. 


We have tried to cover up all aspects and made sure to make everything clear still. If you have any concerns, get back to us or contact the contact care unit, as they are available 24/7 to help the clients. You will not be finding anything better than this application, so what else are you waiting for? Don’t waste any second and get set to your faxing work.

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