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The Video Editing Software that Offers Exactly What It Claims

If you are looking for advanced video editing features, Filmora9 can be counted as one of the best in terms of what it claims. 

I am a YouTuber with a frequent need for useful tools for video editing. Until last month, I was struggling in search of a trusted software that can offer ease of work and creative satisfaction, and then a friend suggested Filmora9

I am posting this review after using it for a month as I’m completely bowled over by this software. It has a perfect combination of great features and simple navigation to ease your worries about working with new software. 

Let me show you Filmora9 through my eyes. 


Filmora9 Overview

Wondershare’s Filmora9 is a new addition to the Filmora family. The previous versions of Filmora focussed more on the non-editors. But, with Filmora9, they have come up with a video editor for beginners that is simple to understand. Whatever plan you may choose, the base tools are available for all the programs. From a library of audio, transition, and effects to a 100-track audio-video timeline, color, and text tools, you get it all. You can get everything that a professional videographer needs to edit a video. 

The pricing or free plan depends entirely on you to choose. You need to decide whether you wish to pay a yearly subscription fee, use the free version, or buy the Ultimate version that offers everything in the add-on store.

The three pricing plans of Filmora9 include-

  • Annual subscription reasonably priced at $39.99 per year
  • Lifetime subscription priced at a one-off fee of $69.99
  • Annual Bundle Program that offers one-year access to Filmora and unlimited downloads from Filmstocks for $99.87 per year

Note: Filmstocks downloads for unlimited video effects at $9.99 can be bought if you choose for the first two plans.

Pros and Cons of Filmora9

Filmora9 is easy to grasp for beginners and comes with advanced tools for experts. You can get up to 100 audio and video tracks and high-quality transitions and effects. The software offers far advanced tools compared to its nominal pricing. 

The only things that bothered me are less scope of workspace customization and the missing storyboard. 

Primary Features of Filmora9

  • Split Screen Presets
  • Advanced Text Editing
  • Video and Audio Controls
  • Layer Multiple Video Clips

Benefits of Filmora9

If you wish to explore your creativity unlimitedly and achieve a refined look with endless effects, choose Filmora9. Make your films crisp as reality with full 4K Support offered by Filmora9. From layering clips with simple green-screen effects to perfecting sound with keyframing, Filmora9 can make your video editing experience mind-boggling. One thing that I was impressed with is the 100 media layers available for making complex stories quickly. I was ecstatic after using Filmora9. The benefits of Filmora9 include

Critical layers

Critical Layers

When you come up with great stories, there are multiple layers associated with it. Filmora9 consists of a robust layering feature that helps with up to 100 layers of video and audio on your timeline. So, Filmora9 makes it easy for you to add sound effects, videos, and clips effortlessly. 

Quick Rendering of Videos

As the video editor of my YouTube channel, I can tell you that video processing time is protracted when you are working on software, and there can be no video manipulation during such times. Filmora9 is a fast video rendering solution, and it can be even faster when setting on automatic. It is possible with Filmora9 because whenever you add the video elements to your timeline, the software immediately renders the videos without affecting the video editing flow. When you work with many audio and video layers, Filmora9 comes as a great relief as you don’t have to wait long for the complete rendering of your videos. 

Aesthetics in a Video

The video aesthetic is not just about effects. There are various other elements like the camera shake or red-eye etc. that are not done intentionally, but while shooting, it happens and affects the video quality. Such features can spoil your video and create a wrong impression for your viewers. For fixing such trivial issues, Filmora9 has tools like video stabilization that allows you to have smoothness in frames or fish-eye removal. Until the figure is perfect, you just need to drag the slider, and once done, just drop the clip in your media gallery and use it on the timeline to make more edits. These features allow you to create great videos with constant effects. 

Share Online Seamlessly

Filmora9 makes it easy for you to share videos as there are one-click share options with Vimeo and YouTube. You can directly upload your edited video on Vimeo and YouTube without switching tabs.

YouTube editor


Every software has its positives and negatives. But, Filmora9 is exclusive software for the professionals as well as for the beginners. You can easily depend on this software for a professional quality video output. I am highly benefited from this software. Try it yourself and create excellent videos. 

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