7 Things to Know About macOS 11 Big Sur

Did you know that your Macbook will be getting an upgrade soon? If not, then you may have not watched Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference 2020. 

At this conference, it was announced that a new Mac operating system, macOS 11 will be releasing in just a short time. It is being called Big Sur and you won’t want to miss out on it’s updated features such as a new maps application and stronger photo editing software. If you’re interested in seeing what OS 11 has to offer keep reading below. 

New System, New Design

With macOS 11 Big Sur a new and refreshed design will be coming to your desktop, this new design has many overlapping elements with other iOS devices. 

One of the biggest changes is the app icons that sit in your dock. The dock will now be a round-cornered square instead of the one that is currently on the screen and the app icons will include more 3D elements.

Apple new iPad with Pencil

Another design that will be changing is the Control Center. The new Control Center will resemble that of the one you can find on your iPhone. It will have more display controls and a sleek new look.

A More Compatible Message App

There will be a new Messages app in the macOS upgrade that will make sending and receiving them easier than ever. The new app will be more compatible than previous versions and incorporate features that are found on the iPad and iPhone.

Some of the features that will be coming to the mac are things such as an improved search feature that’s stronger than ever. You will now be able to search for images along with searching for text.

Safari Is Changing

MacOS 11 will include one of the biggest updates to Apple’s internet browser, Safari. The updated app will be more privacy-focused and faster than ever.

One amazing feature that will be added to the internet browser is that hovering over an unopened tab will display a preview of the webpage. Another great feature that’s coming is a password helper. This helper will keep tabs on your login information and let you know if any of your data was involved in a data breach. 

Face ID is on Its Way

One of the biggest features the newest Mac OS will possess is facial recognition known as Face ID. Face ID has been around on iPhone and iPad for a bit and users love the layer of protection it adds to their devices.

Even though Face ID has yet to be announced, people looking through the code of the new Mac operating system have noticed the inclusion of this feature. What this will ultimately mean is that you can use Face ID to log onto your Mac but you may need to get the latest and greatest model to do so.

Voice Memos Will Be Enhanced

If you’re someone that uses voice memos a lot then you’ll be happy to hear that it will be getting an upgrade. There will be a new and enhanced recording feature that will provide better quality voice memos. 

Maps Is Getting a Makeover

It’s a great thing to hear that Maps will be getting an update on the new operating system. The new Maps app will include the ability to cycle routes. Even though you’re not likely to have your Mac with you when you’re cycling it’s a great tool that can help you plan out your next biking trip.

In addition to mapping routes for cyclers, the addition of guides will be added. These guides will be in collaboration with platforms such as Lonely Planet and other travel sites. These guides will show you places you should really see when you take that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

One of the most anticipated features coming to Maps is Look Around. Look Around is similar to Google Street View and will let users get a view of the ground from a first-person perspective. 

Another great feature coming to Maps is that it will be compatible with making routes for electric cars. When you get directions and indicate that you’re driving a car powered by electric, Maps will indicate every charging spot you’ll pass so you don’t have to worry.

A New Photos App Is Coming

If you’re a professional photographer or even take photos for a hobby, you know that the photos application on your Mac is a must-have. The new update will also include a new photos application that will give you even more features to edit photos with.

The newest and most noteworthy tool coming to the application is the Vibrance effect. The Vibrance effect will allow you to adjust portrait lighting and the intensity of filters placed over pictures.

There will be a new retouch tool added in the update. The enhanced tool will use machine learning to make your edits look more natural. In addition to these two awesome tools, there will also be more video editing options.

Now You Know a Few Things About macOS 11

If you’re someone who’s excited about the new macOS 11 operating system we can see why. From updated applications such as Maps and Photos to make your life easier to a newly designed dock and control center, it’s easy to see why the Big Sur updated can’t come soon enough.

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