Top 3 Best VPN for Expats from the UK

If there is one thing that people value most these days, it’s their security and privacy in the world of the internet. During the early 2000’s, people were not as wary of the internet. Even though there were many online threats like malware and scams, people thought that “big companies” would protect their identities. The people who do this are just a few and far in between, and there is more chance of you getting bitten by a shark than to be hacked on the internet. 

However, the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal changed the way people perceive the internet. We cannot just blindly trust the providers anymore with our own safety. We have to do something to protect ourselves from these kinds of threats as they range from mildly irritating to a complete mess. Read more about this issue here.

How Is Your Online Security Looking?

There are a lot of ways that we can achieve this. For one, we can control the information that we share on the internet, specifically social media. It seems that we almost put our whole lives on the internet just to show other people how we live our life. Social media is a great tool for communication, but there are some privacy risks involved in doing this. We are not saying that you should delete your social media accounts, but you should be responsible for the content you are posting. One wrong move and it will not turn out to be good for you.

Another way of doing this is by installing a VPN. Virtual Private Networks are like secret pockets or pathways that hide your internet activity. As most servers these days are interconnected through [physical or virtual wires, these large blocks of information are the internet. Once you are trying to access the internet, it will leave a signature that denotes your location or identity among other things.

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It will go through the various wires that connect to the internet. The website can also store your own internet activity on the website through the use of cookies. Learn about the function of cookies here:

Now, if you have a VPN you can actually hide these bits of information from prying eyes. It hides all of your internet activity through various means.  You will also be protected from spyware or malware as they try to gain access to your devices. This private network is a great way for your own protection as you navigate through the internet. There are so many providers of this service all around the world. How do you choose one for your own use?

There are a lot of people these days who try to migrate to other parts of the world. It can be due to a variety of reasons. Also, it can be just convenient for the person or family to move. Safety and better opportunities are also common reasons why people leave their own countries. Some jobs like in the military or various business sectors require their employees to travel to other parts of the world. In the United Kingdom for example, it is rather popular to transfer to another country whether they were previously part of the Commonwealth or European Union. In the region of Andalusia, Spain in particular have so many British citizens.

Being born a Brit, there are just some things that you miss. One of which is the television as there is nothing more entertaining than media created for your own taste. When the BBC and other British networks created their own internet platforms, it was thought it would be easier for the expats to access these websites.

However, there are certain countries that block these websites. Some countries even block social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Click here to see the list of countries. When this is the situation you are in, maybe it’s time for you to acquire a VPN service. 

Our Top 3 VPN Choices


One of the main features of any kind of VPN is the number of locations that it can provide for the user. NordVPN offers more than 500 locations in the whole world and a chunk of it is in the UK alone. You can use it with 6 different devices, and they support Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. It can give you access to common British content generators like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Netflix UK. 

As long as your internet can support it, NordVPN also offers HD streaming for its users’ enjoyment. They use NGE (Next Generation Encryption) on their services to ensure their safety while using the internet. NordVPN also has built-in antivirus and spyware programs to keep away those who want to peek at your personal information. 

As of November 2018, they have also decided to employ the “no-log policy”: they will not store any kind of personal information from their users including their IP addresses & and you can also check your IP address by click here. If you are looking for a VPN that really values your privacy, NordVPN is the way to go. Learn more about the no-log policy here:

Express VPN

If you are looking for faster service, ExpressVPN might be your best choice. It is also available on most platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. They also value the security of their users and employ a lot of measures including OpenVPN and L2TP-IPsec. ExpressVPN also has a kill switch and an onion site that their subscribers can use to really hide their internet activities. They also have quite a large number of servers to choose from, with almost a hundred countries covered by their service. 

However, their biggest advantage is their speed as you can watch HD videos from anywhere in the world. If your location is nearer to the UK, even better as the nearness to your actual location affects the internet speed. ExpressVPN is very reliable with this aspect, and they will make sure that you are getting the best out of their service.


Although the first two options are great, their prices though can be a bit higher than what you are expecting. CyberGhost, on the other hand, offers a rather similar service but for a more affordable price. Their security is comparable to NordVPN as they also offer similar protocols.

They even have more than 100 servers in the UK alone, making it quite easy for you to choose which one you prefer. It is also very easy to use and it is available in various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows as well. Although it may not have more advanced features like the other two, CyberGhost can still be your best bet.

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