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Top Five best Ad Blockers for Android

Best Ad Blockers. Ads are meant to provide a livelihood to the bloggers like us. However, an excessive amount of ads can be frustrating for the users. With an ever-increasing use of social media in particular and other internet related stuff in general, websites tend to serve ads beyond the limit which a consumer can endure.

5 Best Ad blockers for Android

If you are annoyed with the ads that pop up on your screen while you use your apps, or browse through the websites, or even when you are engrossed in your favorite game on your Android? Here we go with our picks for the best Ad Blockers for Android.

Best Ad Blockers For Android

1. Ad Block Browser for Android

This is not a separate app for blocking ads. Ad Block Browser is a specialized browser that aids you in getting rid of annoying ads while you are browsing your favorite websites.It definitely can be a top contender for the best ad blockers for Android.

The previously popular Ad Block Plus has now returned to Google Play Store in the form of Ad Block Browser. The specialized browser can load your pages faster and better. In fact, the Ad Block browser lets you decide what exactly would you want to do with your favorite sites. The app has an excellent user control mechanism.

The award winning software is easy on RAM and battery. It does not consume much RAM, and thus would be a battery friendly tool.

2. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector is both an Ad Blocker and a privacy protector. The app can scan your entire phone and will find any ads that you may be forced on you. It can be considered as one of the best ad blockers for Android.

You may be aware of the fact that many applications that you use on your phone have access to a whole lot of your personal information. TrustGo Ad Detector can scan your apps and prevent any privacy violations that you may be subjected to. The dual purpose tool is indeed a practical solution to both the unnecessary ads and your security concerns on privacy.

The TrustGo Ad Detector also offers you an Anti-Virus solution as well. The tool scans your phone and analyses each and every app that you have installed on your device. Apart from the ads, the tool also lets you find out the possible leakage of your personal information.

3. AppBrain Ad Detector

The AppBrain Ad Detector works on the same lines as the TrustGo Ad Detector. It can scan your phone and find the malicious apps that may be sending annoying ads.

However, we would wish to point out that AppBrain Ad Detector is a different kind of ad detector in its right compared to the other ad blockers for Android. What we mean by that is that the software will not block the ads straight away. It will detect the apps that send unneeded notifications, the apps that leak your personal information and those which are likely to violate your privacy. You can later decide the actual action to be taken to stop the ads from annoying you.

The Ad Detector is capable of identifying Android ad networks like AdMob, AdWhirl and MobClix among others. The tool can also ad libraries like Google Analytics, Google in play billing, etc. The app will not remove anything from your device. The final call on the culprit app will always rest with you.

4.Ad Detect Plug-In – Unique among ad blockers for Android

This is yet another among the best ad blockers for Android with some innovative features. It is part of an All In One Toolbox available for download from Play Store.

You will need to install the All In One Toolbox and open the app. Go to Toolbox > Plugins and now choose Ad-Detect Plugin.It scans all your installed apps to detect the advertisement packages embedded within the apps. You can choose whether you want to disable the app from showing ads or uninstall the app altogether. The Ad Detect Plugin helps you pin point the apps that tend to show abnormal behavior.

The All In One Toolbox has many unique features embedded within one package. In fact, it is a combination of multiple plugins of which Ad Detect Plugin just one of the components. It offers you features like Bar code reader, Quick settings, Game Booster and CPU Cooler among others.A good option of having all your needs at one place indeed.

5. No Root Ad Remover

It is one of the top rated ad blockers for Android on Google Play Store. As indicated by the name, your phone does not need to be rooted to use this app.

The app is available both in a free and a paid version. The free version will let you get rid of ads only in two apps. For the unlimited access across all apps, you have installed on your device, you may have to opt for the Pro version of the app. The Pro version costs $ 3.99.

The No Root Ad Remover can block ads from games like Angry Birds or Temple Run. If you are a die-hard gamer and get annoyed with incessant ads ruining your game play, this can be a right choice for you.

The final words

Well, that concludes our listing of top five picks for the best Ad Blockers for Android. You can continue enjoying your games without the need to get annoyed by the unnecessary ads or have a seamless browsing experience without the full page ads that overlap the content you are browsing on your favorite site.

You can enjoy the top Android features using any of the ad blockers for Android featured in our top five list.

If you feel we have missed any of the apps that are worthy enough to be featured here in this list, you may share your views in the comments below. Do let us know which ad blocker gives you the best performance regarding blocking the unneeded ads destroying your pure Android experience.

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