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Top five best tower defence games

Tower Defence games have always seen a conflicting popularity since the beginning. However, of late, we have been able to see a resurgence in the activity. Tower Defence games have been a commonly played genre of games across all platforms including iOS and Android. Almost all platforms have been witnessing the growth of best tower defence games being developed.

Why are they so popular? Well, the reason lies in the entertainment they provide. We can rightly assume that these games provide hours of amusement and gameplay. Besides, they have a tremendous replay value.

5 Best Tower Defence Games for Android

We present our top picks for the best tower defence games to free you from searching for the best ones.

5 Best Tower Defense Games For Android

1. Bloons TD5

Bloons TD5 has used one of the popular and successful gaming strategies to make it entertaining. It involves a rather basic gameplay, but the developers, Ninja Kiwi, have made it an attractive one with added functionality and features.

The game is available both on Windows and Mobile. What can make it a little interesting is the cartoon element in its gameplay. There are over 21 towers to defend and with over 50 levels. Each level consists of several missions to complete totaling over 250 in number.

You need to pop the Bloons ( well, Balloons) with your Monkey Towers before the balloons hit the ground. For some of us hardcore gamers, it may appear to be quite basic, but Ninja Kiwi ensures to make the game lively with the high-level abilities and upgrades for the Monkey Towers.

The graphics are quite up to the mark and interesting enough. You have around three game modes to experiment with.

You can access to more information and download links from the official website.

2. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 carries forward the campaign started by the original version. Even if you have proved yourself to be an expert with the original version of the game, we promise you that Anomaly 2 does offer you a great replay value.

Well, there are few new rules added. Maybe you will need time to get used to and learn the new rules that are a little complex. The special effects within the game, and above average graphics are indeed impressive. There are a few fascinating voiceovers.

The game has incredible multiple levels and balanced game designs. Anomaly 2 also offers a great online multiplayer functionality. There are no in-app purchases, and that is what makes it a right choice. It provides you a perfect and enjoyable experience.

Get more information on the Developer site.

3. Death Trap

Death Trap is a classic example of a Hybrid Tower Defence game. A perfect combination of a Role Playing Game ( RPG) and a tower defence game.

The gameplay consists of sorcerers, warriors and gunslingers. However, some players have been complaining about it losing the game value after the completion of a few initial stages. Maybe the developers will do something to make it interesting. We would hope to see more content in the future updates.

The graphics are not attractive enough, and that may be a reason killing the experience. However, you have access to a creative design.

4.  Kingdom Rush

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular Tower Defence Games, and we assume no list of tower defence games would be complete without mentioning Kingdom Rush.

Kingdom Rush appears quite fantastic in terms of looks and sound effects. The scoreboard, defence and voice overs are too wonderful. Developed by Armor Games, the game offers an excellent experience on a mobile device. There is a huge replay value involved in the game. Once you clear 12 missions, you can return to the completed stages and play the special challenges. It offers you a highly polished and balanced defence games.

Kingdom Rush comes with a comical design that offers you strategic depth and high-intensity gameplay. You will need to think strategically to successfully complete each of the levels. With the great style and performance, Kingdom Rush is definitely a highly recommended game.

Interested? Head on to the Official game website for more details.

5. Sentinel 4

Sentinel 4 or Dark Star is one of the popular tower defence games you can find. The latest version – version 4 of the game has better and improved graphics.

You get two modes to play – Campaign and Endless. There are four difficulty levels with the game – Easy, Medium, Hard and Psycho. The game offers you an engaging gameplay with a varied expert level in each of those modes.

Sentinel 4 has a lot of options to keep track of and manage. That makes it one of the most complex tower defence games currently available. Though the gameplay is quite complicated and will need a steep learning curve to master it, the interface is not. Sentinel 4 offers you a simple interface to play with. The game is big enough. It is a perfect choice for those who want an expanded game full of complexities.

Get to know more about the game, visit the official website.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that would bring us to the end of our listing of top five picks fro the best Tower Defence games. We have not restricted ourselves to a particular platform while compiling this list and included the games available for different platforms including Windows and Smartphones.

We hope that our readers will appreciate the tower defence games featured on our list. If you think we have missed any app that you would want to see in the list, we would be happy to have a look at your inputs. Do share your views and opinions along with your experiences with any of the games listed above.

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