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Top Five Clock Widgets Apps for Android

A Clock is what we normally glance at umpteen times a day. In this smartphone era, it is the smartphone that we glance at for the information. We are aware that all mobile devices come with their own clock app. However, as power users, we always yearn for more better features. There are plenty of third party clock widgets apps available.

5 Best Clock Widgets Apps For Android

We would hereby present our top five picks for the best clock widgets for Android device.

Best Clock Widget Apps For Android

Onca Clock Widget

The clock widget by the Onca developers is best known for its minimalist design. The app offers you a quite high degree of customization.

The clock widget combines both analog and digital displays in the same simple interface. We like it for its beautiful design. You can customize the fonts, transparency of the text and the look of the hours or minutes. The app also has a feature that lets you open arbitrary apps by tapping on the clock, or date.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store. You can also opt for the paid version as well.

DIGI Clock Widget

Customization is the name of the game, and that is exactly what DIGI Clock Widget is about. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a variety of fonts to choose from.

Apart from the fonts and styles, DIGI Clock Widget also offers you other customization options. Some of them include

  • Choose your favorite picture as widget background.
  • A multitude of date formats to choose from.
  • Options to choose your favorite color for time and date. You can choose shadow effects for your chosen color.
  • The widget comes with over 40 fonts to choose from

The widget offers you an excellent localization feature. You can help the developer with better localization features by sharing your ideas. The minimalist, yet practically useful widget is indeed one of the best on offer.

Ultimate Custom Clock Widget

Yet another clock widget that sums up everything you would expect from the customization point of view. You can create your own custom widgets with the widget skins that come with the app.

The widget app is free to download. You can download the additional widget skins available as in-app purchases. You have the option of choosing either the free or the paid skins. Just use your favorite skins and create your own clock widget that shows other information like battery status or other details as well.

What’s more – if you have enough experience in graphical designing, you can create your own skins and use them in your custom widget. The app also comes with a WYSWIG editor that can be used to customize the layout, fonts, shapes and other details.

We would also wish to let you know that it is not only the clock widget you can design with UCCW but a host of other widgets. Get more details on Google Play Store.

Clock Q

Clock Q resembles Digi Clock Widget featured above in most of its properties. You can be assured of quite a handful of customization options.

However, we are disappointed with the fact that there are some features on the app that are available only to premium users. The free users can choose from around 20 fonts and colors. You can also set your own transparency levels. The app also allows you to configure opening custom app on tapping on the widget. Clock Q lets you use it as a lock screen widget as well.

The app supports weather information and battery status display on the widget. Please note that you will need to be connected to the internet to access weather information.

DashClock Widget

Update: App is removed from playstore.

DashClock widget is another widget app that has been added to this top picks list because of its simplicity and minimalistic design. The clean and neat interface makes it one of the great options.

The app offers plenty of customization options to choose from. It is one of the best transparent clock widgets available for Android. The best feature that makes it stand apart form the other clock widgets in this list is the function called Extensions. You can use the extensions that come bundled with the app.

The extensions are the additional status items that can be utilized on the clock widget you choose to have on your Home Screen. These extensions will display useful information on a variety of tasks associated with your phone. Some of the notifications that can be accessed from within the widget include local weather, missed calls, unread text message and Gmail alerts, next scheduled alarm and other alerts.

DashClock widget is the best if you are searching for the clock widget that does much more than just being a clock widget. Head on to Play Store.

The Final words

Well, that would conclude our top picks list of best clock widgets for Android. However, we would not say that the list is ultimate. There may be apps available on Google Play Store. We have listed the apps that would suit almost every type of user.

If you think our list misses any of the apps that are worthy of being on the list, please let us know. Share your opinions about the clock widgets featured in our top picks list.

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