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Top Five Flashlight apps for Android Smartphones

The flashlight is one of the essential apps that one needs to have on a mobile phone. Google has begun providing the feature embedded within the operating system of late. Even the device manufacturers have been including the flashlight in the skins they use on their devices. However, some of us may want to install third-party flashlight apps on their smartphones.

Moreover, a good deal of people uses older devices that do not have the flashlight feature embedded within the OS. Your search for a good flashlight app should end here as we are presenting a list of some great flashlight apps for Android.

5 Best FlashLight Apps For Android

App permissions are a huge issue when installing a third party app. We have included such apps that need minimum permissions. We hope our top picks will serve the purpose to its fullest.

Best Flashlight Apps For Android

1. Privacy Flashlight ( The Best )

Well, why we like this app is only for one simple reason – it needs just a bare minimum of permissions. So, if you are worried about a third party app messing with your privacy, this is the best app that you can trust.

The Privacy Flashlight is free to use and consists of no ads! Moreover, it is quite a small size and would not occupy much of your storage space. The app comes with a home screen widget you can use. That is yet another handy feature that would help you decide in its favor. The app addresses the major concern associated with the third party apps.

The Privacy flashlight comes with additional features like screen light, compass, strobe light, strobe alarm, and SOS siren. Please note that you will need to opt for Pro and Ultimate packs for accessing some of those features.

2. Super bright LED Flashlight – ( Brightest )

The interface is the prime feature. Super Bright LED Flashlight has been quite popular on the Google Play Store. For those of you who are privacy conscious, the app should work best as it needs only a couple of permissions.

The app does not access any other information on your smartphone. Super bright LED flashlight uses the fullest capability of your LED flash to provide you with the best ever possible performance. The flashlight app has other features like a strobe light and blinking flash.

The Super Bright LED Flashlight beats the competition with its vibrant interface. In fact, the app emphasizes more on the looks than any other flashlight app available on Android.
Get it from Play Store.

3. Mega Flashlight -( Feature Rich )

Claiming over 10,000,000 downloads globally, Mega Flashlight is one of the popular flashlight apps for Android. It offers you a host of features and at the same works with a minimal set of permissions.

The app works best with both display and the LED flash on your smartphone. The Mega flashlight comes with a variety of features including a strobe light and police lights. This app will not need any unnecessary permissions. Some of the features provided by the app include Morse code, Warning light and battery status.

The app is free to download, and so has ads to support it. You may visit Google Play Store for more details and download.

4. Color Flashlight ( Innovative )

Color Flashlight offers a huge range of features for your needs. What makes it click with the users is it has a few innovative features.

Well, to begin with, it has the essential feature that we need on our smartphone flashlight app – the least number of permissions. Then, it can use the screen as well for illuminating your surroundings in addition to using the LED flash on the rear. You can use the app and get multiple shades, shapes, sizes and patterns.

Color Flashlight offers you innovative features you may not be able to witness on other flashlight apps. It provides specialized effects like a Burning Candle, Illuminating hearts and glowing text among others. The app offers a considerably impressive list of cool features. You can simulate police light, candlelight, rainbow and disco ball designs in addition to a huge list of effects.

Head on to Google Play Store for more details and download.

5. Flashlight HD LED

This is yet another flashlight app that can use both your screen and LED flash on the rear. The app claims that it works on any device and even on those devices on which the competing flashlight apps do not work.

The HD LED Flashlight app comes with its own home screen widget. That would be the best option as you would not need to go into the app drawer to find the app. The app also comes with a host of color choices with the app’s color picker.

Flashlight HD LED is a simple app with not many features. The simple interface and the basic app permissions would make it one of the best options for those who do not want unnecessary features on their flashlight app.

You can download the app from Google Play Store.


That would complete our top picks for the best Flashlight apps for Android. We have made it a point to include the apps that need minimal permissions so that your privacy would not be at stake. There has been a deliberate non-addition of some flashy apps that promise certain additional features along with the flashlight functionality. If you are on Android Marshmallow and later, you may not need any extra flashlight app per se.

However, some enthusiasts would want some additional features generally not available on the native flashlight embedded within the operating system. We hope the apps featured here would be appealing to most of our readers. We would welcome your views so that these public opinions will help the prospective users.

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