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Top Five Texting apps for Android

Texting remains to be one of the popular and reliable modes of communication. We have a plethora of instant messenger apps vying for the attention of the customers. Even then, we still love the SMS messengers or the texting apps as they are called, given the ease of use and familiarity that it offers you.

5 Best Texting Apps For Android

Texting is what does not need you to stop doing what you are doing right now. We will have a look at top five picks among the best texting apps for Android.

Best Texting Apps For Android

EvolveSMS – An Allrounder

EvolveSMS is one of the popular among the texting apps for Android. It resembles the Google Messenger app to a huge extent. The app has gone through a huge set of developments over the years too – worth its name has evolved into an efficient texting app for Android.

EvolveSMS has extensive support for multimedia messages. It also supports GIFs. The app lets you archive the messages as well. You have access to a good deal of customization options. However, some of the features need you opt for in-app purchases.

EvolveSMS has rightly been treated as the All Rounder app in the texting apps arena with the constant updates that it has been receiving. The app is not heavy on your resources, unlike a few other apps that are featured in this article. The app comes with password protection features along with support for Android Wear.
Coming from Klinker Apps ( who has an able app for Twitter), you can get EvolveSMS from Google Play.

Google Messenger – The Simple Guy

This is what you used to get as default texting app on Nexus devices initially. However, the app has been made available for everyone. If simplicity is what you want on your texting app, Google messenger would be your perfect choice.

If you are using Hangouts, you will notice that Google Messenger has some of the features that we like in Hangouts. Yes, you will be free from the clutter that makes Hangouts a bad app for texting. With simplicity being its core, it may not be a good choice for you if you are looking for those extra frills and sparkles.

However, the lack of those features is compensated by the refreshing material design interface. There are a few features that may interest you include support for GIFs and animations. Other features include text searches, stickers, location setting and emojis. Google Messenger also lets you add images and audio to your messages.

It is a typical Google app which takes care of all the essentials of your texting needs. Get it from Play Store.

 Chomp SMS – The Comprehensive

Chomp SMS is one of the oldest and popular texting apps for Android. It excels in almost whatever it does. In spite of being one of the old apps, it has constantly been evolving.

The app offers you a huge list of customizations. You get the refreshing Material Design ( the app has embraced the design quite recently) interface. Some of the best features of the app include wider Emoji support, group messaging and MMS support. Chomp SMS lets you block SMSs in addition to the support for a quick reply from the notification itself.
Chomp SMS also takes care of your privacy requirements.

You have access to intense privacy settings so that your chats are safe from prying eyes. Besides, the app also offers support for Pushbullet and Android Wear.

If you want a feature packed texting app that has comprehensive features, Chomp SMS is your best option. Head on to Google Play Store for more information and download.

Go SMS Pro – For the theme lovers

Go SMS Pro can be considered to be one of the apps that have everything a user looks for in an SMS app. It offers something for everyone. A perfect texting app for every kind of taste.What it excels is with its theme packs. If you are the one who loves themes and stickers, this app would be a perfect choice for you.

You will need to download the extra theme packs from Google Play Store, though. Some of the themes are paid, while most of them are available for free.

Another feature we liked with Go SMS Pro is the option for Delay to Send. That would be something that will help you cancel sending the message after hitting the send button. Go SMS Pro comes with an excellent feature that sets it apart from the competitions. It offers you a Privacy Box wherein you can send private and encrypted messages to your contacts.

The app is a little heavy on your resources but compensates it with some great features. Get it from Google Play Store.

Textra SMS – Best for smart watch compatibility

Textra SMS has been treated as one of the best texting apps for Android, especially from the customization point of view. It has more features than an average texting app.

Just like Go SMS Pro, the app offers you over 100 themes and app icon colors. It adopts the Material Design interface. However, it should be admired that it puts the interface to its best use. Textra SMS offers you a host of features not found elsewhere. Some of the options that make it one of the highest rated apps can be summed up as floating notifications slide to delete and SMS blocking.

Some of the options that make it one of the highest rated apps can be summed up as floating notifications slide to delete and SMS blocking.

Textra SMS also supports delayed sending so that you can review your message even after it has been sent. It also supports Quick replies from notifications and plenty of options for signatures. Moreover, it has added a patch for the latest Stagefright issue reported.

You can download the Textra SMS from Google Play Store for free. You may need to opt for in-app purchases for some extra features.

The concluding thoughts

That concludes our list of top five picks for the texting apps for Android. If you have unlimited texting plans on your monthly billing, opting for a good texting app for Android would be definitely worth the effort.

Not all of your contacts may be using WhatsApp or such other instant messengers. It should be a great idea to have one or two texting apps installed on your system. We feel that the apps featured in this list would meet your needs.

We have made it a point to include apps for varied interests. If you feel we have missed any app that you feel worthy of being on the list, feel free to share your views here.

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