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Top Free Mp3 Download Sites for easier & faster Music Downloads

For many people out there music is their life, they can’t live without listening to music, and I’m one of them . I would be so glad if you were a music lover. People tend to listen to music offline more rather than streaming it on online. So, here I’m listing out few top and best free mp3/music downloadable sites.

So, here I’m listing out few top and best mp3/music downloadable sites. Based on sites process of downloading the mp3 files, we intend to ignore those sites which corners users to download their music file managers on to PC.

Free Mp3 Download sites – Music Downloading Sites

One of the tougher tasks in downloading music from the websites present on the web are most of them doesn’t provide the file to download and annoy users with popup ads and redirected pages.We also neglected tools and fake sites just to list out those sites which let users download music just in seconds.

Free MP3 Download Sites

We also neglected tools and fake sites just to list out those sites which let users download music just in seconds.

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3 Best Mp3 Download Sites For English Songs


Mp3Skulls in one of the best mp3 sites, it lets the user go through its custom-made lists of songs which are fascinating. They have a broad range of genre and very different categories apart from regular English albums.

Mp3 Skulls let users download the songs by searching the required ones in the search bar. Also, they even provide 128 and 320kbps mp3 files which are great.

But one thing which worries me is the user experience, and I don’t think the site UI is so great, but it’s fine, and they have annoying ads, which lets user encounter with spam. I will advise not to click those fake download buttons, and please check the image below.


Well, is the music search engine which is in the top list. It has very minimal design and easy interface to look upon. All you need to do is type in what you want to search and download them so quickly.

In this site, you are not supposed to click on the fake download button, and you are expected to click on the real one if you don’t want to interact with spam, please check the image below.

mp3juices-ads is a great collection of music with very minimal UI design. The user won’t suffer from any encounter with spam until unless they use adblocker.

The user types in the keywords, and he gets a list of available songs matching those names, in general, you will get the result of your need. One can easily download the mp3 file by just clicking on download button. Isn’t that simple.

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Top Three Mp3 Download Sites For Hindi Songs

Songspk is one of the well know mp3 download sites for Bollywood songs, but it does offer a lot other genres. They have a special section of songs where they split Hindi songs into the specified category like ghazal, wedding songs, etc.

I am so surprised that they have vast collections of songs way back from 1930 movies and that’s awesome. You can search your required song or album from the inbuilt custom search option from placed in the bottom and then download them in 320 or 128kbps zip file.

One of the best site to download Hindi songs with all vast genre and collections. You can search and get what song you need and also can check through the categories.

Once when you found which song you are willing to download any album, just click on the download button it will open up a popup asking you to click on the download the once again. Apart from downloading the song you can stream the song instantly.

It has a vast collection of traditional songs which brings the site its importance and thus was one of the reasons to pick it up into the list.

Musicvilla has a medium difficulty level of homepage UI, and arrangement of categories is not so good. Though it made into the list because it has a great collection of regional songs and mixes.

Type in keywords and get your required song from the search bar or else go through the collections and categories from the bottom. Once you are in the album, click on download button then you might download the mp3 file.

If the download doesn’t start up, you can just right click on the song file and save it to your hard disk.

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Top Three Mp3 Download Sites For Telugu Sites is totally dedicated to Telugu songs, along with regular music download it provides old songs, lyrics, and streaming options. It uploads recently released songs very fast, and it is the best source to get Telugu songs.

One can easily get the movie/album he needs to by going through the alphabetical order of the albums. Though this site won’t provides categories it provides 120 and 320kbps music files.

It is one of my best site which I frequently use, it is so fast and so minimal. The graphic is so simple and page loads very fast. They even provide devotional songs as an add-on feature. You can search through albums from the search bar placed right side and download the songs instantly. has unique features, and it provides ACD and Digital Rips which has high quality. Along with that they even offer latest songs and allows users to download songs through their innovative category system.

Check in the menu bar you can know that they allow searching songs with names of music directors and actors. And you can still search songs and download them via that search bar placed below the menu bar.


You have a lot of choices and sites to go for you are not obligated here to go with these sites only. Though after a bit research we concluded with these top three sites in English, Hindi, and Telugu languages. These sites are very fast in loading and you can download the sites on to your mobiles and pcs instantly.

These sites are very fast in loading and you can download the sites on to your mobiles and pcs instantly.

Stay tuned we soon going to publish an article on top online streaming sites. Hope you enjoyed this article. Keep visiting

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