Top Saas Companies in India { 2020 }

The growth of cloud services has been one of the prominent huge developments that have happened in the recent years. It has been estimated that more than 80 per cent of the office work will be carried out through the means of the online mode and on the cloud by the end of 2020. This has been possible because of the huge growth of SaaS companies. 

The growth of SaaS companies in India has been gaining momentum consistently. The Services offered by the SaaS companies has transformed the way the world in doing its business. With that backdrop, we thought of listing out a few good SaaS companies that overwhelmed the sector with an enhanced service quality. 

Best SaaS Companies in India

Well, for the sake of this compilation, we will list out a few great performers in the realm of the top SaaS companies in India. Of course, the companies we pick would be from different genres and service areas. 

top saas companies in India

Note: This is not as per rankings. We have gone with Alphabetical order representation by considering revenue, trends, customer reviews & their track record.


Byjus is one of the prominent and huge organizations among the best SaaS companies. A common name for the Think and Learn Private Ltd based in Bengaluru, it has become the most popular online educational platforms. It is one of the best EduTech or educational technology options ever. The online tutoring firm was launched in 2011 and has become rather popular in the shortest span of time. 

After the funding from tech giant Facebook, it was never looking back for Byjus.

The startup focusses more on mathematics and science and caters to students right from the first standard to the 12th standard. The concepts are explained through the videos that range across 15 to 20 minutes of duration each. Byjus has more than 33 million users and an annual retention rate of a whopping 85 percent. Tailor-made content that follows a students’ learning capacity is what makes it the most popular SaaS company in the realm of education. 

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Capillary technologies 

Capillary Technologies is one of the prominent SaaS companies engaging in letting the retailers deal with their customers. The company lets the retailers engage with its customers through different channels such as in-store, mobile, and social. The focus of the company is in providing deep integration between online experience with any point of sale device. 

It has indeed gone global with its operations spread across multiple countries around the globe. The prominent regions that the startup has been active include the United States, the UK, South Africa, and Singapore. Some of the customers of the SaaS company are Pizza Hut, Peter England, Puma, Nike, and Marks & Spencer.


It is a cloud-based platform for subscription billing that offers both an elegant and comprehensive platform to its users. Having won the prestigious Cloud Award for the best Payment, Finance, or Billing Solution, the SaaS firm has showcased its capability and efficiency. The intuitive interface and efficient customer billing is what makes it one of the strongest contenders for the sales and support teams. 

Simply automate the recurring bills with Chargebee and get access to the revenue number quite easily enough. It can be considered an excellent solution for small and medium organizations to automate their subscription services. The SaaS company provides services in the realm of invoicing, payment gateway, and tax profiles. 


The SaaS firm is focussed on providing the best possible sustainability and machine learning capabilities to your business. The company achieves the task through the use of machine learning and IoT platform. If you are a new age modern-day business, you will indeed find it one of the best options for a smarter and automated mode of working towards facility management. 

While the SaaS firm is still new, it has been able to achieve a better prospect with the series of fundings and advanced technology. Headquartered in the Greater Atlanta area in the US, the startup has been able to add a global footprint to its functioning. An early-stage venture, it has a plan for growing globally with sustained funding. 


Freshsales is a cloud-based solution for customer relationship management tools from Freshworks. The CRM tool lets the businesses manage and interact with the existing and potential customers with an easy to follow management technique. One-click access to sales leads tracking, sales management, and event tracking should make it one of the prime options you would find quite a great option. 

The SaaS company is also capable of personalizing the bulk emails. It seamlessly integrates with Freshdesk, Segment event tracking, and Google Calendar. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis. It should be able to handle a wide range of industry verticals. 

Keka HR

Keka HR is a human resource management tool and helps you handle basic payroll, HR, and employee management of an organization. It provides you with a fully automated means of integrated and unified workflow with respect to your payroll processing and other HR activities. One of the easiest & best payroll solutions in India, it also handles a lot of other tasks. 

The service is extremely customizable and flexible. You would be able to get access to every information at the central location that provides you with an ease of use. Keka can be an excellent choice for handling the best nurturing of talent as possible.


Playtonia is yet another worthy mention among the SaaS companies in India involved in online gaming. It lets the players register themselves as individuals or as a team. The platform does provide an excellent choice for the gamers to play several games such as Dota 2, CS: GO, and other substantial multiplayer games. 

The SaaS-based platform lets you play with anyone, anywhere and anytime. The platform also offers options for Game Certifications, e-Sport VR academy, Gaming incubation Cells, and strategies for E-sports Events. With an estimated 3000 monthly visits, the platform has indeed been a worthy inclusion among the top SaaS companies in India. 


This is yet another powerful startup company that is engaged in providing marketing automation software. Developed initially as an onsite solution, it has now moved ahead to become a SaaS company. The service has been one of the prominent options for handling your needs in automating your marketing requirements. 

It provides you with several different services that include analytics and segmentation. The SaaS tool can be an excellent option for understanding and analysing the customer persona. WebEngage can help you engage with your customers through several means such as Push, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Web, and SMS. It also lets you map the journeys of a user to get access to the best lifestyle campaigns. 


The SaaS platform is designed for app developers and can be helpful in providing an insight into guidance and support in terms of web applications and software products. In fact, the startup is an expert in creating the walkthroughs for the in-app guidance within the applications. The company has its offices both in India and the US. 

The guides and in-app support options that Whatfix can create include articles, videos, infographics, charts, slideshows, and scripts. The company helps the web developers and application vendors to make their customers understand their products really well. It can also be helpful in creating special user-based content based on the type of users. 


Zoho has been one of the trendsetters among the SaaS companies in India. It providers a robust solution for a diverse suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications. It does provide you access to several products for a varied range of options in the realm of sales, marketing, collaboration, support, finance and recruitment. 

Over the past few years, Zoho has been focussing on the domestic market and is looking to make the best use of the improved governance and growth trajectory for the SaaS start-ups. Zoho has gone on record stating that India would be one of its top markets in the next five years.  

The Concluding Thoughts 

Well, the enterprises and corporates didn’t seem to take SaaS platforms that seriously in the initial stages. However, of late, the SaaS platforms in different areas have been capable of providing an all round support for the enterprises in handling and automating most of their tasks with ease. 

The fact that customers are more drawn to the SaaS platforms, thanks to an easy to use interface that works seamlessly like a web-based portal. Featured above are just a few of the top SaaS companies in India that form part of the creamy layer of the genre. We are sure that there are several players who have been making inroads into the corporate and enterprise world at their own slow pace. The day is not far when SaaS-based services would form part of our day to day life soon enough. 

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