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Top Video calling apps for Android

With the advent of 3G, came the concept of video calling. Considered to be in nascent development just a couple of years ago, video calling has now assumed a huge importance.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android

A chat app without the video calling feature can be something you may not be happy with. We present some best video calling apps for Android in this article.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android

1. Hangouts

Hangouts have always been one of the most popular videos calling apps on Android. In fact, Google has developed Hangouts in a straight competition to FaceTime from Apple.

Hangouts is a free app available all Android devices across all versions. The app is also available for PCs and laptops no matter they are running on Windows or Mac. The best part of the application is that it works across all sort of connections. It can work even on low bandwidth or slower internet connections. There is nothing of the sort of premium nature in the app. There are no fees of any nature are involved.

Google Hangouts is an instant messenger app in essence, but it can also work as an SMS app as well. The tool can be used to make video and voice calls as well. However, there is a limitation. You can have a video conversation with up to ten chat partners at a time.

Google Hangouts works as an excellent cross-platform video calling app. What we mean by that is one of the participants can be on a laptop or PC, while the other participant can respond from a smartphone. The app comes pre-installed on most of the Android smartphones.

2. Skype – The best video calling apps for Android

Skype is one such app that can be considered to be a pioneer in the arena of video calling. A well-known video is calling service available for PC, Skype now has an app for Android.

The popular video calling app has over 250 million strong user base. Just like Google Hangouts, Skype too has cross-platform capabilities. The service has a good deal of improvements over the last couple of years. Skype comes with a cool texting features along with voice call abilities apart from the video calls from Skype to Skype. It can be considered to be one of the best video calling apps for Android.

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The video calling app lets you send and receive files of any size including videos, images and another sort of files.


BBM had been quite popular as a messenger since long. However, with the popularity of BlackBerry diminishing over the years, it has kind of lost its glory. Even then, it can be considered to be one of the contenders for the top spot among the video calling apps for Android.

The app is available for free, though you may have to opt for in-app purchases for some of the features. It should be noted that it was BBM that introduced some of the features that find widespread usage in the current breed of messengers. However, it now lacks some of the best features that are available on the competing apps in the same genre.

One of the points that may go against it is its inability to be used across multiple devices. Unlike on Hangouts, or other video calling apps for Android – BBM cannot let you start a conversation on your phone and continue it on your laptop.

4. Tango Messenger

Tango can be a good alternative to FaceTime on Apple, or even the video calling apps featured above. It was one of the first video calling apps ever available for Android. It has been consistently receiving worthwhile updates that keep in tune with the changing times.

Tango Messenger offers good video calling capabilities across WiFi and Cellular data connections. The service has become one of the full fledged messaging and video calling apps for Android. It comes with a few excellent social features as well.

The Discovery feature on Tango Messenger will let you find new friends based on your interests and location. The app also features group chatting abilities. Creating an account on Tango is easy to go feature and that should be one of the reasons that can make you opt for the service. The app is free to download and comes with in-app purchases for additional features.

5. Oovoo Video Call, Text and Voice

Oovoo can be a lesser known app among the video calling apps for Android. You have access to high-quality video and audio while using Oovoo.

One of the points that go in its favor is its excellent cross-platform compatibility. It works seamlessly across iOS, Android and even on computers running on Windows or Mac. You can make voice calls or video calls on 3G, 4G or WiFi. Oovoo has a good social integration with Facebook and Twitter among others. That would mean you can easily chat with your friends in your social circles using the app.

Oovoo lets you make video calls with up to 12 people simultaneously. The app also offers some innovative features like full-page profile screen, colorful filters etc. The app has a good video quality even with the low bandwidth issues of your network. We treat it to be one of the good shots to try as long as your video calling needs are concerned.

In Conclusion

Well, that would conclude our picks for the top five video calling apps for Android. We do not assert that this list is exhaustive when it comes to the best video calling apps for Android.

If you feel we have missed any of the apps that you feel should have been included among the top five, feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments below.We would be more than happy to include your views and update our listing.

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