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Truecrypt Alternatives – Best Disk Encryption tools

Truecrypt was the best open source free encryption software to download. Released in 2004, after successfully running for 10 years, till 2014, it was discontinued before which it was a go-to powerful disk encryption software for millions of users. It uses on-the-fly encryption. You can encrypt file, partition or the whole storage device. 

  • It runs on all the popular operating systems like Windows, Apple OS, Linux.
  • It has an ability to create a hidden virtual volume within another volume.

Google’s project-zero team found out two security vulnerabilities. One of which has the chance to allow normal user privilege to expand to admin privilege

  • It can encrypt partial disk partition or the entire disk partition. It can even encrypt external storage devices like the hard disk or a USB drive.
  • It uses on-the-fly (real-time) encryption
  • Parallelization and pipelining allow data to be read and written as fast as if the drive was not encrypted.
  • Combination of a password and a key is secure enough to protect any of your data.
  • Ability to mount and dismount the normal drives and as well as the newly created drives in which hidden data is encrypted.

7 Best Truecrypt Alternatives for disk encryption

It is not recommended to use TrueCrypt but still, you can go ahead and use the last stable version. Developers stopped updating it but the last version can still be used as the latest security audits certify it to be still safe for most of the basic use cases.

Rest of the Truecrypt users have moved on-to many Truecrypt alternatives available as we explain about some of them below, so you can pick the one you like.

Disk Encryption tools

Warning: Developers of Truecrypt put out a warning that it may contain unfixed security vulnerabilities.


Since Truecrypt dysfunction, Veracrypt took its place as its rightful successor among the best disk encryption software. Most of the Truecrypt users moved to Veracrypt for its similarity to Truecrypt & thus became the perfect Truecrypt alternative.

It has all the encryption algorithms like AES, serpent, Two-fish or even better encryption with the combination of all the above three algorithms.

Unlike Truecrypt, Veracrypt has added several security enhancements which greatly reduces the risk of malicious cyber-attacks from hackers etc.,

The downside to Veracrypt, when compared with Truecrypt, is it takes more time for encryption procedure as the partition and containers consume a lot of time to start. This is because it takes much more iterations for container encryption. To be precise, thirty times more which is good from security point-of-view but it affects the speed. But if you are a security-conscious person, this shouldn’t worry you as the application in itself works completely fine.


Takes time to get used to it in the beginning and also encryption takes slightly more time when compared to Truecrypt. But this should not deter you from using this incredibly powerful free software

Available Platforms: Windows, MAC, and Linux

Price: Free

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  • BitLocker is a bit different to Truecrypt encryption. There is no ability to create encrypted containers and hide or encrypt them. It encrypts the entire partition or volumes at once including OS.
  • Ease of use and offers Native windows support for recent windows versions
  • Available only for windows this software uses AES security algorithm with 128- or 256- bit encryption key.


Having Backdoors to the application is a possibility considering the close bond shared by Microsoft and NSA

Available Platforms: Windows

Price: Free


This is a dedicated encryption software for Apple’s Mac OS X (Lion or later) users.

It has most of the features of Truecrypt, uses on-the-fly encryption and works seamlessly in the background

The original version FileVault can only create an encrypted folder within which you have to place the desired files and folders. As this was unable to provide encryption to operating system files,

Apple launched updated version called FileVault 2 which precisely does what we discussed just above. It can secure user’s personal files as well as the operating system files.

It uses XTS-AES-128 encryption with a 256-bit key to helping prevent unauthorized access to the information on your startup disk.


Encryption does take a toll on systems resources. But if you are using Apple devices, FileVault 2 is your best bet for encryption

Available Platforms: MAC and iOS

Price: Free


FolderLock is as simple as it can get when it comes to protecting your data. But the encryption it uses is thought to be so powerful and secure because it uses the same security encryption used on most of the US Government classified information. You can believe that your data is safe from intruders and hackers because of its 256-bit key AES Encryption

  • File shredding, password protection and can make locked files and folders hidden.
  • You can create multiple lockers where you can place the files and protect them with a separate password and then on top of that one master password to access all of them.
  • Make wallet is a cool feature exclusive to Folder lock where you can save extremely sensitive information like Credit card details, social security numbers, bank account details, passwords etc.,
  • The secure backup feature offers you to backup your lockers online. Using a 2-way encryption, you can safely recover your data from your online account in case your PC gets stolen or data accidentally gets deleted.

Works in Windows 7,8,10 versions and comes with a price tag. You can use the 30-day free trial to see if it’s the one for you or alternatively there’s a free version where you have access to only a few basic security features.


Not many to be honest. It requires a separate subscription for secure cloud backup.

Available Platforms: Windows only

Price: full version costs $39.95 – Basic Free version available.


While you don’t have to pay anything to use free encryption software, they can’t always be as powerful and reliable as the premium ones. If you don’t mind to shell out few bucks for better encryption, then we recommend AXcrypt be your best bet. Designed specifically for small businesses and individuals. With its 128-bit or 256-bit key AES encryption, it will disappoint any hackers.

  • Automatically secures your files on Google Drive, Dropbox etc., with its inbuilt password manager, managing and accessing your passwords is a breeze.
  • You can open your encrypted files on your mobile phone
  • You can share your encrypted files with other AXcrypt users, who can open them with their own password and the shared key.
  • Supports batch processing of files.
  • One feature you don’t normally find in other software is its multilingual support.


Sufficient helpful guide and navigation on the software for new users.

Available Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Appstore and play store

Price: €30 / year, free – available with access restrictions on few features


Another open-source freeware for windows-only which encrypts both external and internal drives, even system partition and ISO images.

with its multiple advanced security algorithms such as Two-fish, Serpent, and AES, it can be truly considered as a good Truecrypt alternative.

Consuming very less space on the disk, it’s Installation process is not complex but requires a system restart to finish.

One can use a combination of a password and key file (multiple key files if necessary) to take security to more advanced level. Ability to encrypt USB sticks, CDs and DVDs is an added advantage.

Another seemingly cool feature is it can support parallel encryption for several volumes at once. (sitting in front of your computer whole day staring at a progress window on your screen sucks, right?)

You can even pause your drive encryption in the middle and transfer it to a new computer and can still resume from where you stopped. Isn’t it great?


  • Documentation is not so great. Being not so popular resulted in very few helpful articles and security audits using.
  • It cannot create new disk volumes, can only encrypt already existing disk volumes, unlike Veracrypt.

Available Platforms: Windows

Price: Free


Widely popular as file extraction and compressor software offering 40% more compression than its competitors. Not many people know that it also has encryption Gods blessings built into it.

Creates password protected archives on top of which you can add AES-256 encryption which is considered to be the highest level of Advanced encryption available on the market

7z and zip are the available archive encryption formats. Localization available in 87 languages making it a top favorite software in many countries


The user interface seems a bit confusing and takes time to understand if you are a new user.

Available Platforms: Windows – open source

Price: Free

No matter which software you decide to go with, always remember in the process of powerful encryption mechanism, if you ever lost password or keys to your encryption software, your data is as good as lost. If you have a way to recover the data without your password or key-file, then hackers too can use the same loophole to exploit it.

That is the reason for the advanced AES-256 encryption used which even stops brute-force attacks. Properly read your software-specific manual and features if they have recovery mechanism in place. Always properly backup (on a sheet of paper and store it in your wallets) your key files and passwords in a basic encrypted form which you can use in the times of adversities.

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