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Turnitin vs. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker: Which One is Better?

Most people know Grammarly as the online grammar and spelling checker that performs much better than standard built-in checkers. However, professors and business professionals also use Grammarly for the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker. The plagiarism tool checks the text against other online content to see if there are enough similarities for it to be clear someone else copied another’s work. Grammarly has helped people across education and professional settings. Many have compared Grammarly to Turnitin, another popular plagiarism checking tool.

Turnitin offers several tools similar to Grammarly, but it has a different target audience. Turnitin is marketed and made for teachers primarily. Turnitin features include the grading tool Gradescope and the Revision Assistant tool to offer feedback to students. The most appealing feature of Turnitin for teachers is the iThenticate plagiarism checker.

These comparisons leave one with a simple question; Turnitin vs. Grammarly plagiarism checker; which one is better?

Turnitin vs Grammarly in Terms of Features

Turnitin lets users upload content directly to their online profiles. The content is readily available across all platforms with Turnitin installed, such as tablets and phones. Turnitin also lets users upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive directly for added convenience. The plagiarism checker gets to work as soon as something is uploaded, checking and processing it for the teacher. The tool also marks comments to assist students. While Turnitin does check spelling and grammar, it doesn’t inform students about what it finds. Turnitin creates up to 5,000 character comments, but teachers can use tags to assign frequently used comments to papers conveniently.

The accuracy of Turnitin’s plagiarism detection is quite debatable, as there are a few ways how you can trick it’s algorithm and avoid getting caught for plagiarism. Teachers have to look over content marked as potentially plagiarising when quotations are used. Turnitin displays the results in the Document Viewer and highlights potential issues teachers should address. If the quote is the only thing highlighted, then the rest of the essay is original.

Grammarly comes as a browser plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There is also a Microsoft Word plugin for people to correct spelling and grammar mistakes as they write while also learning how to be better writers. There is also an extension for Microsoft Outlook as well as a Windows Grammarly app.

People can type directly into a Grammarly document or copy their work over from Word or another word processor. Of course, there’s no need to use these plugins or apps if people don’t want to. Users can log into their online Grammarly account and use the spelling, grammar, and plagiarism detector through the website. Grammarly automatically saves uploaded documents ready for future access.

One area Grammarly falls short is with multi-language support. A plagiarism checker is a handy tool, but it only works in English. Users can specify which variant of English they are using, such as Australian English, British English, Canadian English, and American English.

Turnitin vs Grammarly in Terms of Cost

There isn’t much point discussing the two services’ different features if you can’t afford the higher price tag. Some organizations offer Turnitin to instructors as standard, but the plagiarism checker tool part isn’t free. Institutions need to pay a fee based on how many students they have and what tools they want. Individual people can check one manuscript for $100 or check up to 75,000 words for $300. Users can spread those 75,000 across several documents to check a batch of documents at once. Individual educators, not with an organization, such as private tutors, may find the cost too much of a barrier to entry.


On the other hand, Grammarly offers free grammar and spelling checks. You will need a Grammarly Premium account to access advanced tips and the Grammarly plagiarism checker. Individuals such as students can use Grammarly themselves to check papers before handing them in. The cost for Grammarly is around $12 per month per person, but you can save money by purchasing an annual subscription for $150 per year.

Grammarly also offers business plans at similar rates for up to 149 users. These plans are suited for small businesses, but the costs can quickly add up. If you have more people to check, it may be worth using [email protected], a tool specifically designed for schools and colleges. By itself, the plagiarism tool costs $500 per year for five users, which is much cheaper than a business subscription for the same number of people.

Please note that both services offer custom pricing options for institutions based on their needs and the number of users. The prices listed here may not match what you are charged for your organization.

Which Option is Best?

The question of whether you should use Grammarly or Turnitin depends on several factors, such as your budget and the number of users. You should also consider if you want grammar checks as well as plagiarism checks. If you would like your student to see grammar mistakes without making comments about them, Grammarly is a good fit. On the other hand, the plagiarism checker for Turnitin may be more beneficial for education institutions than the Grammarly plagiarism checker.

Grammarly is also a better fit for people who aren’t students, including freelance writers, authors, and other professionals. Not only does the proofreading tool cut down on errors, but it also teaches writers how they can improve and develop a better writing style. For this reason, the costs of Grammarly are more than worth it for these types of people. There’s even a mobile version of Grammarly available for iOS and Android called Grammarly Keyboard. The app checks for errors as you type on your phone.

Teachers and learning institutions should consider investing in Turnitin. Other people should consider using Grammarly, which can be cheaper for individual users. Grammarly also offers benefits for writers outside of checking for plagiarism, such as checking for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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