A Complete Guide: Understand the electronic signature in 2 minutes

Are you sick of wasting your time in signing papers and documents? In today’s hyper connected world, there are a number of new inventions and conventional methods of signing and validating documents, just like electronic signatures. They let the user sign the documents in only a few seconds. 

If you browse on the internet, you will find multiple tools allowing you to sign your documents online and save them for later use. These saved documents can be assessed whenever you want. Many businesses acknowledge the advantages of e signatures and consider them as the most effective way to sign the agreements and transactions online.

To learn more about e-signatures and their benefits, keep on reading.

What is an electronic signature?

And electronic signature refers to adding an encoded signature to an electronic document. All the electronically signed documents are legally valid, just like that in signatures. They validate and verify the document in the same way pen, and paper signatures do. The advent of digital signing technology has revolutionized businesses when it comes to managing the documents. 

You can find many online e-signatures solution providers easily on the internet. Each of these services offers different benefits to the user under certain conditions. Before you adopt any service, make sure it provides you with an optimum secure environment where you can share your sensitive information in the form of contracts or agreements.

 When it comes to reliable and widely used e sign solutions, CocoSign tops reputed brands in electronic signature services providers arguably.

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Cocosign provides the user with maximum security and insurance that all their confidential information is protected with multiple layers of protection. Moreover, it reduces transaction costs and supports multiple users at a time. Due to its exceptional features, it has been featured by many big outlets such as PC World, The Verge, and Business Insider.

To get started, you may create a free account on the official website of CocoSign to sign online,. Once you sign in, you can generate your signatures using a mouse pad, touchpad, or the stylus pen. These signatures can be saved to your account & used to sign multiple documents anywhere anytime. You can use CocoSign to sign the documents in PDF, Docs, JPG, Excel & Word formats.

A Complete Guide: Understand the electronic signature in 2 minutes 1

Some key features of  CocoSign

  1. Easy and secure e signatures in an end to end encrypted environment
  2. Efficient signing process and easy document management
  3. Save the signatures on time and insert them whenever required
  4. Track and monitor your documents
  5. Hundreds of templates (contract, agreement, and lease agreements).
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Benefits of e-signatures 


Electronic signature reduces the time required to obtain the signed documents. Generally, the signing process requires 5 to 6 working days, which can be very painful in case you need them done at the moment. In short, signing them online is a stress-free process.

Saves money

Many companies prefer e-signatures, not just this saves the time required for contracts signing but also the money. For instance, if you have 400 documents of two pages each, there will be a total of 800 pages. A bundle of thousand sheets costs typically $9-10, including the shipping and ink costs. This is the case if you follow the traditional process for signature.

In contrast, if you opt for electronic signatures, there will be no shipping or toner cost. You can send and receive as many documents as you want online until you have a valid subscription.

Increased security

When you ship the documents for getting them signed, there is always a sense of them getting lost in the way. In the case of online signatures is something very impossible. So you can rest assured that your documents are always saved in your device and accessible.

Furthermore, online signatures help you protect your documents, both privately and legally. No one can copy your signatures or break the security system to assess your documents.

Legally valid

Many people, as if the documents signed online, can be used for legal purposes? Well, the answer is yes. In 2000, the US, in many other European countries, introduced an act regarding e-signatures where it was declared that the documents signed electronically could be used in a legal context. 

Fast and quick

There is no doubt that e-signatures are fast and quick. They allow us to sign the documents in just seconds and enable us to send them to the other party as well. This helps us to see the deals in time and increase the cash inflow—all you need to create an account on Cocosign to start shining your documents online.


E-signatures have not only made life a lot easier but also increased sales and revenues. They save you up to 80% of the time that you are likely to spend if you follow traditional signatures. Moreover, the help you make deals quickly, which boosts up your profits can help your business to flourish.

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