Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam Complete Review

One of the best front and rear view dash camera nowadays is Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam. Vantrue is the best company to produce dash cameras. The company is the most trusted one. They even provide amazing after sale services to their customers. The company even provide 30 days money back facility.

And 18 months free replacement for quality related issues. The company is providing this. But according to my views, these facilities are waste. As Vantrue produces the best dash cam front and rear. So as today I am gonna tell you about another front and rear dash cam. That is the Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam. Well, the dash cam is the best in its own way. It has lots of features to talk about. The camera has amazing quality. So, let’s just move further and take a look at its amazing features.

Eye-Catching Features Of Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam

360 degree Solution- The dash cam has a stunning ultra wide angles record road of 170 degrees. Which means the camera is having a really wide angle to cover the road. So, with this much of wide angle, you can cover the whole of your journey. None of your moment will remain unrecorded. Also, The dash cam has an interior 140 degrees zero fish eye detortion.

Which provides amazing video recording experience. Also, The rear camera is very easily adjustable. The camera can be adjusted to 80 degrees vertically, for the perfect view. With this camera angle, A perfect video can be captured. Well, what’s better than having the amazing quality of recording of the whole of your journey. No wonder, the dash cam’s 360 degrees solution makes it the best front and rear view dash cam.


Critical Event- The dash cam has a variable sensitivity G-sensor. Which means the camera automatically detects any kind of accident and it automatically locks the footage already recorded until the time of an accident. Also, that footage remains safe inside the dash cam. The camera also has an automatic collision detection emergency lock video. Which makes it easy to detect any collision and automatically locks the video.

Many cameras have this feature. But what makes Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam different from others is that this camera’s automatic collision detection emergency lock video feature is with much more sensitive sensors and also, there is different mode available with this locking video system. You can either set it to automatic lock which I just explained. And the other is manual lock video option. In which you can select the videos you like and lock them safely in your camera.

Seamless loop- The camera has the feature of loop recording. It automatically overwrites the oldest videos when the camera storage is full. Well, this feature is very helpful especially at the time of an emergency. And the storage is full. Well, this feature never let you miss any of your important journeys due to storage issues.

The camera also has auto LCD off after the recording begins. So that you won’t be disturbed by another glowing rectangle by your windshield. Well, driving a car is one of the riskiest situations. So, any disturbance while driving can create many problems for you as well as others. That is why this feature is the best to be there in the dash cam. Well, it is hard to find the dash cam which is even concern about your driving. No wonder the camera is the best rear and front view dash cam.

Dual Parking Mode- You can easily switch the dash cam to auto parking mode. The dash cam is triggered by the motion. So, it will automatically start recording when any people or objects or any kind of motion comes in front of the camera. Triggered by the time lapse, The camera will keep taking photos at the set time interval. And the most amazing thing is that it automatically edit it and form a video clip of it.

And this camera also has a point to remember that in parking mode, the camera only records videos when any kind of motion comes in front of the camera. This is applicable on both fronts as well as the rearview camera.

Designing of the camera

The camera is very fashionable, it is not so big in size. And it is very easy to install this camera inside your car. The camera is given a kind of look which matches with your car. The camera is very lightweight, it just weighs one pound so it is very easy to carry this camera. Both the front as well as a rear camera are very trendy looking and so much in demand nowadays. Also, the camera can support up to a storage of 64 GB. With this much of space, lots of your videos can be recorded on this camera.


  • Dual Parking Mode
  • Seamless loop
  • Attractive looks and Designing
  • 360 Degrees solution
  • Critical Events


  • On parking mode, the camera records videos only when the detects motion.


According to me, the camera is remarkable. No wonder, the camera is having amazing ratings on Amazon. The camera is a pool of features. your journey is important and with Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam. Your journey will become memorable. The camera matches with your car and suits placed inside your car. It has amazing video resolution and the great quality.

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