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Top 10 Video Editing Apps That You Can Download on Your Smartphone

Videos are the talk of the town these days! Whether on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, or other social platforms, videos are omnipresent. From making a stunning video to trimming it to deleting the unwanted portions – you need an excellent video editing tool. 

This tool can help you get a video that will attract the audiences, and for that, you don’t need to hire the videographers and spend a fortune. Besides video, if you want to make a meme like Spongebob memeyou can try InVideo, an online video editing tool packed with features and options. 

Easy to use and navigate, some of these apps might be a little overwhelming at the beginning. Once you get the knack of it, you are good to go!

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Here are the top 10 apps that will come to your aid when editing videos on your Smartphone.

A Color Story

With a number of editing tools as well as filters, this app is an all-time favorite of Instagrammers. Available on both iOS and Androids, it is very simple to use. 

All you need is to choose the right album followed by the proper video clip and the correct effects and filters so that these video tools can provide you with a fascinating video within minutes.


This is one app that is your go-to friend for editing any kind of video. It helps you shoot a video and edit it in a different dimension as per the requirement. 

This tool also helps you in speeding it up and adding filters. The canvas feature helps you resize the video so that you can fit it easily in the Instagram stories. Adding colors in the background, music, stickers, and texts is also easier.


Do you lack the video footage but still want to create a breath-taking video? Then opt for Mojo without a second thought! Coming up with impressive Instagram stories is a few minute’s work now with video features and animated templates of this app. 

Making the story longer is also possible by adding extra text or pages and colors to the backdrop. This app provides you with the option of saving the video for later use or sharing it instantly!


With its sophisticated AI, getting the finest portion of the video is simpler. 

After that, you can use various features like facial recognition, stabilization, auto-crop, and also video filters to get a video like you always wanted. It comes with a free trial of a week, and after that, you have to opt for a monthly subscription.


Have you forgotten to add captions or titles to your videos or Instagram stories? Do not worry as Clipomatic is here. Just speak in front of the camera, and this video editing app will record that and transform it into titles and captions. 

Picking the style of the caption or adding creative filters is also possible. Available on androids and also iOS, you can use this app in 25 different languages.


All the professional videographers and vloggers are fond of this video editing app due to its excellent features and simple user interface. Adding dimension, trimming, and speeding the videos and editing audios – everything becomes a cakewalk with this app beside you.

Apart from these, this app comes with a handful of modern features, such as layering the audio, capturing video and images in a similar frame, 120 and 240 FPS slo-mo, soundtrack live mixer, and creating time-lapse videos.

Another positive side of this app is that it can help you edit IGTV video clips too easily, without using any other tool. One drawback is that only iOS users can utilize this amazing app.

Wondershare FilmoraGo

Whether you are an Instagrammer or blogger, or YouTuber, you cannot go wrong by choosing this spectacular video editing tool. Using its easy mode, you can just drag and edit the video within no time. 

If you are making a video of a landscape or taking square footage, this app works better. One disadvantage is your video gets a watermark from its free version.

Life Lapse

Stop motion video – does this name ring anything in your mind? Yes, this type of video is the current trend now. If you, too, want to create such a video, use Life Lapse. 

Aligning the image or video using a ghost image from clip to clip is effortless when this video editing app is here. For that, no need to learn Photoshop! You simply choose the clips along with the filters, songs, and video ratio and put the rest on its shoulder!


Over is the perfect app for making influential Instagram stories. It comes with lots of templates to choose from. After that, you can add motion graphics and pick up the footage from the library of this app that is ready to post directly. 

In addition, you get all the logos, fonts, and colors that you can use to make the video stand out in the crowd.

Adobe Spark Video

Do you want to make a video without any costly software or hardcore techniques? You want to create a video that needs only a compilation of images and clips and some texts? Then spark video is your cup of tea. 

It has built-in themes with which you can add superb animations, styling, motions, and layouts to the video to make it appealing. It is free software that you can use both on iOS and Android.

The Bottom Line

These are the top 10 apps or tools that are extremely beneficial for editing all types of videos. If you want a smart tool that will help in creating memes, then try using this one here. They have both paid and free versions. So choose the one that suits your requirement. 

Besides that, you can also opt for InVideo, it is filled with options and features, and functionalities. This is an excellent software that is effective for creating and editing videos to share on social media or YouTube.

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