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Websites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

If you’re looking for sites to Watch Cartoons Online for free, then you are at right place. In this article, we will cover up some of the sites by which you can watch cartoons like naruto, steven universe, rick and morty, regular show, family guy etc.

Cartoons are the first love for kids even some of the adults are fanaticized over these cartoons and still watch them and feel nostalgic and embrace their childhood memories.

5 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

There are websites which charge you to watch cartoons but they are some of the sites which give access to watch them for free. You just need to open the website and start watching without any subscription and sign up for the process. Some of these websites may pose a security risk so we would recommend activating your VPN or other cybersecurity tools if you can.

Watch Cartoons Online For Free

Note: I have personally tried these websites by watching 1 episode of Beyblade & Ben 10 ( coz am a Beyblade & Ben 10 fan :p ).


This is my first website which I will suggest to all cartoon lovers. The prime reason is the clean interface with no ads. You need to just open the site, search for your favorite cartoon and then a list of all the episodes will be shown, select one and you can watch it over there itself.

The website & the video streaming works pretty well in chrome & Firefox. With no pop ads, this is my go-to website for watching cartoons/animes.

Here is the link to the website –>> Click Here


It’s a simple website with the minimal look and fast streaming videos. It’s famous for full length animated movies rather than episode cartoons. This website is not solely dedicated to films, you can even watch some shorter episodes of your favorite cartoons but the chances are very minute of the availability of video but still worth a try.

You can even watch 90’s animated films and also some dubbed anime films that are the reason this site worth a try.

Website Link –> Here

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What’s more, you want from a site which also gives the download option for the cartoons you watch. has an option to download the video along with the availability of streaming in different resolutions.

This website is pretty simple and cool but I have faced some problems in Chrome while watching but in firefox, it’s quick & smooth without any issues. ( Maybe problem at my end not sure, though)

Link to the website –>> Kisscartoon


Kisspanda also works similar to that of above websites but has way too many ads when compared with other websites in the list. But the collections of video of all seasons along with films makes it into the list even though it might annoy you with the ads.

You can also read Manga here ( though it’s redirected to other sites ) and watch dubbed animes. To stream the website, follow this link here.


This is the default one, the largest video sharing site with almost every piece of video content in it with all the episodes with different qualities. All you need to do is open the site and enjoy the cartoons in it.

The biggest positive note is that you can watch the videos offline by downloading them and also with less number of ads and in youtube app itself. The listing of this site is self explanatory though. Just stream the content & enjoy them with subtitles.


So, here is the end of the article where we listed out 5 awesome websites to watch cartoons online for free, now go to the websites and watch cartoons online naruto and all the other favorite shows with in a click.

If you are using any other websites or facing difficulties, let us know through the comments, we will explore them & fix them and try them and list out here.

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