2 Ways You Can Improve Your Business’s Cybersecurity Measures

Do you want all of the hard work you put into growing your business to go to waste? Of course you don’t, which is why you need to do your utmost best to improve your cybersecurity measures. The problem you might face, however, is knowing what security measures to put in place. Fortunately, the below guide can help you with just that. Put all of the advice laid out below into practice, and you’ll be sure to improve your security measures in no time at all. 

Make use of expert security tools

Unless you work in cybersecurity yourself, you won’t have the tools needed to deter today’s most vicious online attacks. If you truly want to safeguard your business in this instance, you must make use of a number of expert security tools. Some of these pieces of equipment include:

A firewall 

This security tool is not obsolete and doesn’t let anybody tell you otherwise! The firewall may be as old as the cybercrime industry itself, but it’s still one of the core security tools that you need to be taking advantage of. With a firewall protecting your online data and files, you’ll find it easier to block any unauthorized access to your computing system and environment.

Antivirus software

Again, antivirus software might have been around the block a fair few times, but that doesn’t make it any less effective at deterring cybersecurity. If you want to keep your system secure, you still need to invest in this vital component of cybersecurity.


PKI services

A lot of people assume that PKI services are designed solely to encrypt sever communications — this couldn’t be further from the truth. This type of tech also enables multi-factor authentication, it helps users to create stronger and much more compliant digital signatures, and it authenticates sender identity.

Managed detection services

This powerful form of defense is designed to combat the sophisticated and advanced software solutions that cybercriminals make use of today.

Penetration testing

As its name suggests, this tool will allow you to test your security systems and check them for potential vulnerabilities.

Container security

If you ever make use of a container when performing an environment migration, it’s essential that you take the security of the device into consideration. This is where container security comes into play. For more information about the industry-leading MVISION Cloud for Container Security, be sure to check out

Strengthen your passwords

Strengthening your passwords is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to step up your cybersecurity defenses. The harder you make the task of cracking into your accounts, the more likely you will be to deter all those cybercriminals out there that want to hack, scam, and ransom their way to financial success without much fuss or hassle.

Here are eight things you can do to ensure that your passwords are as strong as they can possibly be:

  • Make them long
  • Include nonsense phrases
  • Fill your passwords with different numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters
  • Avoid using personal information that is easy to discover (your name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Never reuse the same passwords
  • Take advantage of a password manager
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis

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