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What Is EOS? Everything You Should Know

EOS is also known as the ‘’Ethereum killer.’’ This blockchain platform has the main purpose of creating sophisticated dapps (decentralized applications) for various cryptocurrencies. This technology operates in the same way many operating systems on a computer or a smartphone work.

For experts, their interest when working with EOS is to take advantage of the features that enhance the services offered by various blockchains. There is also the EOS community that helps each other to develop various ideas and solutions to the problems encountered by users.

EOS has been promoting better experiences as people transact, mine and use blockchains in many other ways. Experts anticipate that the platform is going to be a worldwide solution adopted by all people. As mentioned above, the platform aims to make transactions smoother and increases the number of transactions that can be made in a given period of time. Here are some of the main purposes of EOS.

Scaling Up

The EOS works in the same way that the verification of accounts on the blockchain works. Any computer that is connected to the blockchain has the authority to verify any transaction in an attempt to avoid fraud. In fact, they are assigned these tasks at random so that no one can predict the computers that will confirm transactions.


The EOS now works to confirm events that are conducted as innovators create blockchain apps. It uses nodes that show the state of events as the innovators work on them. With this technology, one can quickly check the status of the network.

Authenticating Operations

As people transact on blockchains, authentication is one operation that must occur every second. Each user has a unique account that must be verified using permissions at different levels. People can also share the right to access data in various ways that they want. If you have read more about cryptocurrency on the Trybe website, then these insights will make it clear how the blockchain’s operations are created.

Cloud Storage

We are already in the era of cloud storage. People no longer have to be worried about the loss of data when their computers crash or storage devices are stolen. The EOS system works by incorporating cloud storage to save certain data for the users.

The main purpose is to handle the download bandwidth and host services of the dapps. With this capability, it is also possible to set certain parameters like the basic limits of space and bandwidth on any app to suit your allocated cloud storage and rights. Just to let you know, developers must pay for these services.

Is It Free to Use?

According to reports by those who use EOS services, the end users do not need to pay anything to take advantage of the features offered by the platform in relation to blockchains. However, there is a transaction fee just like with any other cryptocurrency operation. This is determined by the developer of the dapp depending on the services it is offering.

By now, you already know the benefits you can enjoy as a developer of dapps using the EOS platform. It is a straightforward platform to try today. As mentioned earlier, there is a community that will help you maneuver and even learn a lot about other blockchain technologies as well.

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