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What is Runtime Error? How to Fix it?

There are several error messages you regularly come across. One of the errors we constantly come across that indeed annoys us to the core is Runtime Error. What exactly is a Runtime Error and how can address the issues created by it? That is exactly what we will discuss here today. 

What is a Runtime Error?

Well, Runtime Error is basically an error type that you would come across when attempting to run an application or program. In fact, there are several types of Runtime errors that can affect your system and as such it may not be easy to pinpoint the exact reasons fixes thereof. 

That would mean it is essential to read the error message and understand the exact program or application that is affecting your system. Once you are able to do that, it can, easy to sort out the issue easily. 

In sharp contrast to a compilation error that affects you when you are compiling a program, a runtime error will affect your system when you are running a program. It can be a software or hardware issue that may be affecting your program and preventing it from running.

When a system finds that it has run into an issue and cannot run the program requested, it displays a Runtime Error. A runtime error can be indicative of a bug in the software or hardware and thus you will need to analyse the exact reasons for understanding and fixing it. 

What Causes the Runtime Error?

Well, there are no specific reasons or causes that can cause the Runtime error. In fact, the runtime error dialog box should provide you an idea into what is causing the issue at the particular instant or instance. 

One of the most common causes of Runtime error can be the programming errors that may have been overlooked during the development stage. In fact, it can be indicative of the fact that the developers expected an issue, but could not fix it properly.  

The ideal issues that can cause a runtime error can range across 

  • Incompatibility of the two software programs
  • Poor programming language and capability
  • Memory issues that hinder the proper execution of the program
  • Presence of adware, malware or malicious virus. 
Runtime Error

How to identify a Runtime error? Well, every runtime error comes with a numerical code. Microsoft has designated a unique numerical code for each of the runtime error issues. This can be quite helpful in detecting the exact reasons and causes for a particular runtime error and thus help the developers address the concern in their system. 

For instance, a runtime error with the value of 5 will mean illegal functional call and can indicate to a bug within the app. The error code 48 will indicate the error in loading the DLL. The list of the runtime error codes can be found online for a better understanding. 

Different Types of Runtime errors and their solutions

Like we have repeatedly been stating, the runtime errors can be manifold and addressing them will need a complete understanding of the exact error codes and their meaning. Let us examine a few use cases and try fixing them out. 

 Fix Runtime Error r6002

This error is normally displayed when a program fails to link to a program. In many cases, the program or the link is non existent and thus the compiler will throw an error. Once again, this can have multiple reasons like a corrupt component in a Visual C++, a registry error or even the presence of viruses. 

You can begin fixing it by reinstalling the runtime components of the Microsoft Visual C++ library. To do this, you can follow the regular method used for uninstalling a program from your computer. Head on to your apps and programs and uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ packages installed on your computer. Once done, you can re-download them from the Microsoft website. Check if the program concerned runs effectively after installing the VisualC++ components.  

Fix Runtime Error r6025

This error type is caused when your program makes an invalid function call to a virtual member function. It can also come up if the program has been installed incorrectly or some components within the installation are missing. 

Here is how you should be able to fix it – 

  • Close all the open applications and tabs on your computer. 
  • Launch the Task Manager
  • Under the Processes tab, locate the program you have faced an issue with. 
  • Click on End Process tab to close the program. 
  • Close Task Manager.
  • Next, uninstall the program that is giving you an error
  • Remove all the files associated with the said program. You can use the default Clean Up feature on Windows. 
  • Reinstall the program and cheeck if the issue has been resolved. 

Run the Program in Safe Mode

Most of the errors can be addressed if you opt for Safe Mode. Booting up the PC in Safe Mode can help you load the minimum set of drivers and components and thus aid you in fixing the Runtime error. 

If the error is as a result of registry entries or incomplete installations, safe mode can address the issue effectively. 

Check the Free Space availability

Free Space and memory issues can be one of the reasons that can cause the Runtime errors on your PC. One of the easiest methods would be to use rebooting your device to get rid of the problem.

In fact, rebooting can address the memory issue by clearing the cache and other locked resources. It can even fix a whole lot of other issues as well. However, if your device does not have enough memory capacity, you may end up getting these issues quite often. Check if your device has a minimum of 200 to 500 MB memory free for performing any of the tasks. 

Anything Else we Need to Know?

Well, yes – more often than not, the Runtime errors are caused as a result of the issues and bugs introduced during the software development stage. It should be a good idea to get in touch with the developer of the website for a better resolution. 

The runtime errors are normally caused as a result of the bugs in the software compilation stage. These can be a few bugs that are known to the developers, but they have not been able to address it. Get in touch with the developer for better assistance in redressal of the issues. 

In Conclusion

We assume that the issues of Runtime error you may be experiencing with your system have been addressed in an effective manner with those fixes and solutions. As we have found out, except for the incomplete installations and memory issues, the major causes for the Runtime error lies with the developers of the program and the glitches in programming. If you are not able to address the issue through the straight means, it may be a god idea to contact the developers of the program. 

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