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Windows Focus Assist – How to Use This Feature Efficiently?

In the following article, we will discover many interesting things about Windows Focus Assist which is also known as Quiet Hours. If you use Windows 10 you will be amazed how many awesome features have been added to this version of Windows. Most of them are the part of April 2018 updates.

windows focus assist

Many users have been waiting for these features to be added to Windows 10 and finally, this has happened. Such simple features as the ability to turn off any kind of annoying notifications will make your work in Windows much more time-saving and pleasant. Now, the feature Focus Assist is available for all users of Windows 10.

Focus Assist – What Is It All About?

Let’s clarify what Windows Focus Assist is all about. You might have used or heard about the feature known as Quiet Hours. This feature makes it possible to turn off the notification on your personal computer. To get notifications turned off is very important while giving presentations or simply to focus on your task.

Before, users of Windows 10 were not able to customize the feature Quiet Hours. This feature used to default from the midnight and till six o’clock in the morning. Recently, Windows 10 has launched a new feature Focus Assist which gives people full control over turning off annoying notifications.

The Process of Enabling Focus Assist

The feature Focus Assist can be turned on in two ways.

First method

  1. Start with going to “Settings” > “System” > “Focus Assist”.
  2. There are three options available here. You can choose either “Off”, or “Priority Only” to select and allow only certain notifications, or “Alarms Only” to hide absolutely all kinds of notifications and to keep only your alarms.

Second method

Note that this method is much more accessible as most users think.

  1. Refer to the System Tray. You should find the notification icon which you must right-click.
  2. You can see the menu which is popping up. Just hover over the option “Focus Assist”.
  3. Choose one of the three available options which are described in the first method.

Customizing Focus Assist Feature

Let’s have a look how we can get the feature Focus Assist customized. In fact, there are two ways to customize it. Following the first way, you will need to use automatic rules. The feature Focus Assist can be turned on automatically during a certain time of the day. For example, you can turn on Focus Assist when you are going to play games such as DirecX. You can do the same while duplicating the display while giving presentations to your audience.

Specific hours can be set for automatic rules. You can set this feature to repeat during the day or weekends only.

Following the optional method, Focus Assist can be customized with the priority list. It is very easy to turn on this feature using the setting “Priority Only”. You will be able to select notifications which are allowed to come through. B pressing the option “Customize your priority list”, it is possible to make exceptions for apps reminders, texts, or calls.

Specific apps and people can be added to such exception list. If you still get distracted by notifications or unknown files, consider using the service Wikiext.

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