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Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse – Which Is Better For Gaming?

A computer mouse is an important input device when using a computer. It allows you to point and make selections when using a computer. PC gaming is one of the computer uses that require quality mouse for it to work effectively. When using a mouse for gaming there are usually various options to choose from. One of the main things you have to choose in a mouse is whether to go for a wired or wireless mouse. 

The main difference between a wired and a wireless mouse is how each mouse is connected to the computer. However, in order to make a decision on which mouse is better for gaming, there are various factors to consider. Here are factors to consider when choosing between a wired and a wireless mouse. 


It is the dream of every gamer to have a beautiful setup or as many call it, the battle station. Therefore, a gamer would ensure that the gear they choose provides the best aesthetics for their setup. The important gear to a PC gaming set up includes a keyboard, mouse, and speakers or headsets.

In this sense, it is a common consensus that wireless gear provides an appealing aesthetic. There are numerous options for gaming mice that are available in the market. The wired and wireless mouse both make it to the list of the best gaming mouse 2020


This is as a result of the fact that they work and clear the desk of cables which tend to be messy and requires more cable management. Furthermore, wired peripheral devices are considered to be old school while wireless peripherals are considered to be contemporary and even futuristic.

In this regard, the wired mouse is preferred for gaming and even general use as opposed to a wired mouse. Let’s face it, the convenience, comfort, and beauty of using a wireless mouse beat that of using a wired mouse.


The ability to move with ease is an important factor when choosing a gaming mouse.  In the heat of the moment when delivering a blow to your opponent you could have rigorous movement on your desk. In this case, a wireless mouse would be a better option. 

Furthermore, in the case of a gaming laptop, then there is need for easier movement and setup. In this case, a wireless mouse would also be an ideal choice. 


The wireless mouse uses a battery and wireless technology such as Bluetooth to connect to a computer. On the other hand, the wired mouse is usually connected to the computer using a cable. It is usually connected through a USB port or a PS/2 port.

There is a problem related to the use of wireless connectivity when playing games. There are episodes of lagging which are experienced when playing a game. In this case, wireless mouse connectivity has a degrading effect on gameplay. 

Battery Life

The wireless mouse requires to be recharged or the battery changed once in a while. As a result of this, it is expensive to own and maintain a wireless mouse. This creates the risk of having a dead battery in between a game. On the other hand, a wired mouse does not require a battery as it is connected with a cable.

This means that a wired mouse does not need to worry about battery life. In this regard, considering that a wired mouse does not really require a battery then is the better option. 


Most of the wired gaming mice are known to have a higher DPI which is preferred by most professional gamers. Higher DPI is important as it ensures that the mouse offers more sensitivity. A gamer is able to make slight movements on the mouse pad which translates to faster movements across the screen.

This allows gamers to make swift and faster movements that improve the gameplay significantly. This is an important factor in improving the gameplay experience. 


The big question to be answered is which is the best computer mouse for gaming, wired, or wireless? From the discussion above, it is apparent that both a wireless and wired mouse have their advantages and disadvantages.

The simple answer is that there is none that is better; it all depends on the user and the game. However, in my opinion, I would recommend that for your battle station you should go with a wired mouse. But in case you are constantly moving and using a laptop, then a wireless mouse is better. 

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