Wonderfox DVD Video Converter Review – All In One Video Converter

Movies are the part and parcel of our lives. However, handling the huge collection of DVDs that you have collected over the years may be a tough task. However, there are several tools that would help you in backing these DVDs up on your portable devices. One of the tools that does this job in a wonderful way would be Wonderfox DVD Video Converter. How does this tool perform? Let us find out in this concise review.

Wonderfox DVD Video Converter – What It Is?

As the name itself should indicate, the Wonderfox DVD Video Converter is a tool that would help you convert your DVDs to any form of Digital formats. But, in addition to that, it also comes with a few additional features.

Wonderfox DVD Video Converter

What makes it an interesting tool for converting your videos is the ability that it offers you with its easy to use interface. PC, Smart TV, iPad, iPhone or Android – whichever device you may have, it works wonderfully for all your requirements in Video Conversion. Apart from the ability to backup your DVDs in the digital format, it also helps you convert your videos into different formats. Besides, you should also be able to download videos from YouTube. The simple editing options with the tool are yet another feature that would make it a great option.

How Does Wonderfox DVD Video Converter Work?

The tool has a simple to understand interface. Even the installation is quite simple and should finish within a few minutes. Even the newbies should be able to use it effortlessly. Each of the sections has a tutorial that would guide you the complete functionality with ease.

The support for 1080p full HD video conversion coupled with the flexibility and faster video downloads is what would save you much time. If you want to understand it properly, you need to go through the functions that it has.


Here are a few features that would set it apart from the competition

Backup Your DVDs to Your PC

You can backup your DVD files on your PC following a few simple steps. No issues like “Cannot Read DVD” or other similar error messages. Just load the DVD and the tool will handle the rest of the task. Apart from backing up your DVD, it can also be used to convert your files to other formats like MP4, MKV or FLV.

Convert Your Videos To Different Formats

You have access to a lot of video formats with Wonderfox DVD Video Converter. Some of the formats supported by the software include AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4, WMV, MOV, TS, VOB, WebM, and Html5 video. You can also convert the audio files to any format of your preference, some examples being MP3, AC3, AAC, and FLAC. If you are unaware of the exact parameters like bitrates and resolution, it offers you optimised settings.

Video Downloads

Here is another advantage that would make Wonderfox DVD Video Converter a force to reckon with is its ability to download videos. Some of the sites or video sharing sites that Wonderfox DVD Video Converter can Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo. Just copy the download link and paste it into the interface for downloads. That does it. You can download the videos onto your device with ease.

Video Editor

Wonderfox DVD Video Converter does offer you a video editing functionality as well. You should be able to cut a part of the video if you are not happy with the portion. The editing functionality also lets you add subtitles to your videos with a few simple to follow steps. The video editor functionality also lets you merge multiple videos.

Removal of Copy Protection

That should be one of the features that put it widely ahead of other tools in the genre. No matter what kind of encryption your DVD has, you should be able to backup your DVD titles without any major issues. Whether you are trying to backup MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., Warner Bros Pictures, Universal Pictures, UNITED ARTISTS, 20th Century Fox or The Walt Disney Company – all your DVDs should perform excellently.

Backup Scratched DVDs

Many Video Converters cannot handle the scratched DVDs. Wonderfox is quite an excellent performer when it comes its ability to read and backup scratched DVDs. Even if your DVD is damaged or scratched to a great extent, the tool can back it up and convert the videos with ease.

Plans and Pricing

Wonderfox DVD Video Converter offers you affordable pricing plans. It has three different plans you can choose from.

One Year Subscription

The plan is available for One PC. This plan comes with one year support and upgrades options each year. The plan comes with a pricing of $ 34.95 per year.

Lifetime License

The lifetime access plan comes with a price tag of $ 59.95. You can have access to it on one PC. The service would upgrade offers for one year and support for one year.

Lifetime Family Pack

The service is priced at $ 119.85. You can use it on five PCs. Use it for the lifetime. Upgrade and support options are available for one year period.

In Conclusion

Well, the above concise description should give you a clear idea of the abilities of the Wonderfox DVD Video Converter. Though it has been presented as a Video Converter, what would make it the best of the best and an all one tool is the multiple functionalities packed into one tool. It just simplifies the tasks involved in your day to day requirements of video conversion and backup.

Have you used Wonderfox DVD Video Converter? If you have used it, do share your experiences with us. We would indeed welcome your feedback as it would give more candid insight into what the tool can do for you.

WonderFox DVD Video Convertor
Though it has been presented as a Video Converter, what would make it the best of the best and an all one tool is the multiple functionalities packed into one tool. It just simplifies the tasks involved in your day to day requirements of video conversion and backup.
Multiple Features
Low price and high output quality
Supports almost all encrypted DVDs and 200+ video formats
Crashes few times
Trans codes Slowly
Out of 5

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