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Well, music is what soothes everyone. But when it comes to transferring music between your devices, we face an acute software shortage. What we mean by that is most of the software tools work with a select set of devices. For instance, iTunes is specifically intended for Apple devices.

A tool that works across multiple platforms is the need of the hour. Wondershare TunesGo is one such music transfer tool that functions across platforms and comes with a common interface across iOS, Android or PC.

What is Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is, as we stated before, a Music Transfer service. In fact, it is a one-stop solution for all your music transfer needs. What makes it a unique is its support for multiple platforms and multiple devices.

Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo can transfer your music files between Apple devices, Android, Mac and PC. If you are used to iTunes, you will definitely be comfortable with the interface as it shares its design with iTunes. In terms of functionality, it does more than what iTunes can do. The software can be used across a whole lot of devices and platforms.

You can use it to transfer your files between your Android and PC, or Mac and iPad or any of your favorite combinations for that matter.

What is so perfect about Wondershare TunesGo?

The software excels with the degree of flexibility it offers you. If you have used iTunes, you must have felt disillusioned about the complexity of the tool. The tool has a lot of features that you may have missed on iTunes.
The software allows you convert the media files to a format that is compatible with Apple devices.

Wondershare TunesGo ensures lots of performance, a simple to use interface and great functionality. It takes a middle path and thus the best option if you are not happy with iTunes. We would treat it as the best Phone Manager for both Android and iOS users. What makes it a good choice is the fact that it comes from Wondershare.

For those who are unaware, Wondershare is one of the trusted developers for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Some of the unique features of Wondershare TunesGo

Well, what makes it the best music transfer tool? Unlike iTunes, it offers you a whole lot of new features that set it apart from other music transfer tools. Some of the features that make it an interesting software can be classified as

  • The Interface – The music transfer tool offers you a cleaner interface that is quite easy to understand. Wondershare TunesGo is easy to follow even for the beginners.
  • Multiple Device support – This is exactly what makes it the number one choice as far as the competing music transfer services are concerned. It is the best Phone Manager app for device – no matter whether you use an Apple device or an Android. Or even a Mac or Windows device. This will aid you in transferring your contacts, music, messages and other files quickly.
  • Download your favorite media files – You can use the software to download the media files easily from services like YouTube, Vivo or MTV among others. You would not need any downloaders or software tools for downloading any of your favorite music files.
  • Record your choicest music – You need not opt for any other software for recording your favorite music. You do not need to add the recorded file to the playlist. You can be assured of high-quality recording.
  • Ease of transfer – Wondershare TunesGo makes it an easy task to transfer files between your Apple devices. In fact, iTunes is capable of doing that, but the complexity associated with it was always demotivating. With TunesGo, all those worries are gone forever. Transferring your music files is as easy as choosing your track and selecting the target.
  • Ease of organizing your files – Wondershare TunesGo comes with a music library. The library makes it easy to organize your files in a neat way so that you can find it easier and better to find your favorite files quite faster. The tool also lets you find the duplicates you may have in your music library.
  • Burning CDs made easy – With Wondershare TunesGo, you would not need nay dedicated CD Burning Software. Just choose Burn CD option in the menu and choose the music files you would want to burn. We found TunesGo burning CDs faster than any other CD Burning Software.
  • Root your Android with the app – What makes Wondershare TunesGo a great Phone management app is its ability to perform a multitude of functions. The app can let you root your Android effortlessly and hassle free.
  • Backup and export your apps and other files – You can use Wondershare TunesGo to backup and export your files in one go. It supports all kinds of files including apps and photos.

Wondershare TunesGo – The pricing

The software is available in three modes viz Only for iOS, Only for Android and For both Android and iOS. With the capacity it has as a phone manager, we have concentrated on the iOS and Android product. You can opt for any of the three plans as indicated here.

Wondershare TunesGo Pricing Details
One year license – The tool can be used for one year. You can use it only on one PC. The subscription price would be $ 49.95.
Lifetime License – This plan offers you a lifetime access to Wondershare TunesGo. The package charges would be $ 59.95. You can use the tool on one PC for the lifetime.
Family License – The plan gives access to the software features for the lifetime. However, you can use the tool on 2 to 5 PCs.The package price is $ 159.95.
All the plans come with Free Lifetime upgrades. Wondershare offers you a 30-day money back guarantee.

A few Pros and Cons

Well, we found Wondershare TunesGo to be a great option when it comes to managing your music files (or even other files) across platforms and devices. However, it may be worthwhile to list out a few Pros and Cons of the software for the benefit of our readers.


  • Ease of file transfer is the USP of the tool. You will get the full functionality of iTunes sans its complexity.
  • Wondershare excels with its cross-platform nature. It supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
  • You can choose between the free and paid versions. However, the free version does not have much of functionality from the user point of view.
  • With Wondershare TunesGo, your search for additional software tools like media downloaders and CD Burners ends. It offers you a one stop solution for almost all your media software needs.


  • The cost of the software is what could drive some of you away.
  • There is no smart playlist editing option.

The Verdict

Well, we used Wondershare TunesGo for a considerable time and found it working quite great under differing conditions and tasks. We would definitely advise you to opt for the app. If you are in doubt, you can opt for the free version first and then subscribe to your chosen plan. Apart from the price, we do not see any reason that should hold you back from choosing this app.

If you want to set yourself free from the complexities of iTunes in managing your Apple devices, in addition to getting a high-end phone management tool for your Android as well – Wondershare TunesGo should be the ultimate choice. We would advise you to use the tool and share your views here.

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