Reasons to Work as a Data Analyst in a Startup Company

The foundation of businesses lies in data and research. That being said, the demand for data analysts is very high especially for startup companies looking to understand their market. Are you good at problem-solving and presenting information thoroughly? If you are, then this job may be suitable for you! Here are a few reasons why you should venture as a data analyst in startup companies and why it is a good move for your career:

You have the opportunity to meet other professionals. As a data analyst, you will have to collaborate with individuals in different departments whether it be in marketing down to the team of developers. You will also learn to ask the right questions from people in order to arrive at meaningful conclusions.

You will master the art of analyzing and reporting. Data analysts are not only tasked to collect and organize data, but they are also in charge of drawing predictions and narrations from such data. Especially if this is your first job, this skill is essential in almost every job in the market and is useful for any future endeavors you may have.


Becoming a data analyst conditions you to observe patterns. Your job is to find trends and insights that can be used to improve your company’s progress and to provide better services for your clients. As the startup grows, you grow with it too.

This job requires you to be proficient in technology as you will be using various programs like Excel, SQL, and more. Moreover, it is common knowledge that technology is an advantage in most corporate jobs. This serves as a practice for you to improve in this area.

Lastly, startups generally pay higher than other companies! After two years in this line of work, you can expect to be paid about an average salary of $70,000 which outweighs most entry-level jobs. Moreover, companies are hiring more analysts due to the modernizing world.

In lieu of these facts, venturing in this line of work is something that you should most definitely consider! Make sure to condition yourself by learning the necessary skills for this job as early as now. It is also essential to find the right startup to journey with. Even if you may decide to keep your options open to different career paths, later on, the skills that you attain from being a data analyst will aid in your success.

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