Writing an Information Technology Research Paper: The 8-Step Guide

Students are put to various tests and each may cause certain problems. Many people will agree that a research paper is one of the most complicated academic assignments. However, if you are a smart person, possess great writing skills, extensive knowledge and know the main demands you’ll successfully fulfill this task.

Even if you have to write an information technology research paper, you can easily manage it. Besides, you can use our step-by-step guide to learn some useful tips.

It goes beyond all doubt that you should follow the common structure, which includes the title, introductory section, main plot, conclusion, and a list of references. We can bet you already know a lot about how to fulfill each part.

Therefore, we have decided to focus your attention on some other points. Give heed to the following steps:

  1. Write to the rubric.
  2. Keep the defining part in mind.
  3. Use a critical viewpoint.
  4. Compose an anchor sentence.
  5. Fill in the gaps.
  6. Commit to the process.
  7. Organize the working process.
  8. Find valid data.

Step #1

It’s important to understand what your professor awaits from you. To find that out, you are welcome to write to the rubric and choose the most suitable points. Every college and/or university allows this practice. It’s the full right of every student to get clear responses via the rubric.

It includes the main concepts of the entire course. Thus, you’ll have the major demands of your professor and you’ll know how to plan your writing strategy. If your professor didn’t write it, don’t be afraid to ask him/her to do that.

Step #2

Many writers recommend beginning the writing with the end in mind. It’s an interesting approach and brings some dividends. Once you know what your supervisor expects from you, there appears a chance to craft the final version of your research. Build your strategy around his/her expectations and imagine the received results.

Thanks to the rubric, you’ll already know the topic and will be able to make an approximate thesis. Accordingly, you know how your research should develop and what you’ll receive in the end. It’s not that complex to predict. You don’t make some experiments that require time and may develop differently. You simply compose an information technology paper.

big data development

Step #3

You should look at the assignment with a critical eye. You should be honest with yourself and make an objective analysis of your project. You already have the key points that should be mentioned in the text. Define the most effective ways about how to implement them originally and effectively. You can use anecdotes, statistical data (which is important for informative papers), surveys, a method of compare and contrast, etc.

Step #4

The next step is to craft an anchor sentence. It is the destination point of the entire project. All of your ideas, suggestions, and examples will be dependent on it. It may be called a draft version of the thesis statement.

Make a summary of the key elements expected by your supervisor. Take decent notes and make your thoughts reasonable and organized. You should craft a strong working concept to make an impressive impact. Understand this concept and relate it to your topic.

For example, you may write about the benefits of technology in education. Compose such an anchor sentence like “Why technology brings so many improvements to our everyday activity?” After you work out this concept, transform it into a clearer and stronger argument that will become your thesis.

Step #5

You ought to assess the gaps you may have. Make a list of your strongest writing traits, as well as your greatest weaknesses. To deal out a problem successfully, it’s necessary to know and understand it. The creation of the list won’t take long. However, the improvement of your weak points may take some time.

It’s an important obligation. Thus, you may have problems with time management. You should practice different writing techniques to speed up yourself. If you cannot make correct citations, read special manuals and memorize the rules.

Step #6

You should fully devote yourself to your assignment. This means that you should reschedule your common routine and limit time spent with friends. Avoid different kinds of distractions. Turn off all the gadgets, TV, quit watching films and videos, don’t play games, etc. You should be fully engaged in the process of researching and writing. Constantly remind yourself that you’re looking towards something big and meaningful.

Step #7

Get organized and set a reasonable sequence of actions. Use mapping to simplify this aspect. Take into account all the stages and steps required to carry out the study and write the research. Prioritize your actions, make a strict schedule and never violate it. Once you feel that something goes wrong, reconsider it and improve the weak points.

Step #8

Don’t forget about the supporting materials. You should prove that your viewpoint is correct. To do that, you should collect relevant data that suits the purpose of your information technology research. Luckily, you have a rich choice out of electronic, printed and non-printed sources. Visit your library and find books, guides, articles, journals, and similar stuff. Surf the Internet to get some electronic catalogs, videos and so on. Verify the credibility of the found results and use the most suitable sources to write a research paper from scratch.

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