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Xiaomi India removed COD option in next Flash sale to fight fraud

The Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi which became the highest selling smartphone manufacturer in Q4 of 2017 is stepping up the game in 2018. Earlier they announced Redmi Note 5 the successor of the RedMi Note 4 which is the number 1 smartphone in terms of no of units sold in 2017.

In an event they have launched Redmi Note 5 & Redmi Note 5 Pro, Note 5 Pro carries an iPhone X type design with dual camera. Though Redmi Note 5 carries the same design as of Note 4.

Xiaomi India fights Fraud

There have been many fraudulent activities going on the flash sale of Xiaomi mobiles in Flipkart. Many resellers are buying the Xiaomi mobiles in bulk & using COD as an option then they are selling for others at some additional cost. Due to bulk orders from individual resellers, the probability of availability of mobile in flash sale is almost negligible for fans.

When this issue was discussed in Mi community, Xiaomi India head promised to fight these fraud activities & support genuine Mi Fans. In an attempt to test an idea they have announced that they will remove COD option for the next flash sale which will be happening on March 7 12 PM.

They have removed COD option completely from websites & in Flipkart, they will remove the option for initial few sales. This step isn’t permanent they are testing it out to know the feedback from the fans. If everything works out they might apply this permanently in future.

There are many resellers in the market selling Xiaomi devices & a number of scripts to order the device online, this might temporarily stop them but they might find another way to sneeze the way through. This is actually a good step from Xiaomi & will raise the belief in Mi fans that the brand is listening to them.

Apart from this on March 7, they are launching different variants of Mi TV. The 55 Inch Mi TV 4 has been impressive the rumors are that they are launching a 30 Inch & 40 Inch version now, will keep you updated about that.


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