YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

When it comes to cleanliness only one name pop-ups in my mind. And that name is YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. This washer is the best pressure washer in 2018. Well, it is the washer produced by YardForce. No wonder this washer is supposed to be best in every aspect. Whether we talk about comfort, or features or even looks. This washer is up to his mark every time.

YardForce’s pressure washers are always very lenient and amazing. the washers are also very durable. Also, all these things are also present in YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. Also, the washer has the power like never before. The washer has amazing features which make it the best power washer in 2018. So, let’s just take a look at the detailed description of YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer.

Features of YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Reliable Performance and long Warranty

Well, the washer is very reliable and has a long warranty for 2 years. Well, the washer’s  1600 psi @ 1 2 GPM from the axial cam pump generates the power the power you need for a wide range of cleaning applications.

The washer is having a reliable 13 amp electric motor which runs quite a season after season. Well, the washer has lots of power to clean even heavy dust. it is soo reliable to use. It has the power which gives you the amazing experience of washer-like never before. Also, the pump and motor are backed by a long warranty of 24 months.

Compact design with Built-in Storage

The washer is having a built-in storage compartment for nozzles, hose, power cord, and spray gun. Well, this is built to keep everything organized and ready to use. Its compact design and folding handle makes it easy to store on a shelf or take it with you.

Well, the washer’s built-in storage makes it easy to keep all of its nozzles, hose, power cord and even its water gun in the compartment attached to the washer only. Which reduces your fear of losing them. Also, it reduces your work of carrying them separately along with the washer.  You can simply put them inside and just carry the washer.

Also, it is very easy to carry the washer. Due to its compact design, it becomes very easy to carry or even store the washer. Also, it becomes very easy to handle this washer. No doubt this washer is the best electric pressure washer. And according to many electric pressure washer reviews, this device is just rated as the best performing pressure washer of 2018

Complete Cleaning System

The washer has included everything which is needed for complete cleaning. The washer is having 2 quick connect nozzles for cleaning dust. Also, it has 25 degrees and soap plus bonus turbo nozzle. This nozzle is best for cleaning stains and also a hard surface like concrete, Brick, metal railings etc.

Also, the washer has a trigger handle and wand with metal quick connect fitting. The washer also has a plus point that it can connect with any washer’s accessories with 1/4″ connection and no adaptor is needed. Well, the washer is amazing and has different nozzles with massive washing. No wonder it can create a clean environment and is the best electric power washer.

32-ounce built-in soap tank

The washer has an onboard tank capacity. To make applying soap and detergent easy and assure the best result for all your cleaning project. Also, the washer is having a drain plug at the bottom of the tank. This drain plug allows you to rinse before changing to a different type of detergent.

Well, with this feature it becomes easy to wash along with the soapy water. It reduces lots of workloads and makes it easy to wash anything. Also, it makes it easy to change the soapy water and add another soap in the soap tank. Well, else what you need? This washer will provide you with every facility a washer can provide. Well, it is not so easy to be the best electric pressure washer.


32-Ounce built-in soap tank

Complete cleaning system

Roll-along wheels keep you moving

Compact design and built-in storage

reliable performance

24 Months warranty


Sometimes the washer gets heat up but it firmly cools down within no time

Final Few Words About YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Well, in my views the washer is absolutely amazing. It has lots of features and amazing points. The washer is having attractive looks and designs. Providing you with a long 24 months warranty and a great after sale service too. Rest of the features you must have gone through above.

Well, no doubt the washer has lots of features. No wonder it is a cleaning machine. The washer is a massive cleaner. Also, it has wheels which allow it to move everywhere you want it to move. Well, it becomes easy to use and handle this washer along with the wheels. The size of the wheels is short which gives it an attractive look.

Also, it becomes easy to move it with short size wheels. Well, the washer is also PWMA certified piece so no doubt it is the best electric power washer. It also has the power for massive cleaning. The YardForce 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is the best cleaning partner you will ever have.

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